Red Things

A mysterious phenomenon over takes a small town, reeking havoc of all things red.
This is Max’s senior thesis at Rhode Island School of Design in 2003.


Director / Animator / Writer / Designer: Max Porter
Music: Erin Kilkenny, Peter Squires & Andy Kennedy
Sound: Max Porter & Erin Kilkenny

Year: 2003
Country: USA

Ottawa Student Animation Festival, Canada (’03)
Stuttgart International Animation Festival, Germany (’03)
Fest Choice Award Big Muddy Film Festival ,IL,US (’03)
Best Animation Boston Underground ,US (’03)
Firehouse Center for the Arts, MA, US (’03)
Nominee for best Syracuse Film Festival, NY, US (’03)
Bronze Jury Award Hi Mom! Film Festival , US (’03)
Ann Arbor Film Festival, MI, US (’03)
New England Film and Video Festival, US (’03)
Nextframe Film Festival, US (’03-’04)
HypeFest, CA, US (’03)
Woods Hole Film Festival, MA, US (’03)
Silver Lake Film Festival, CA, US (’03)
Pawtucket Film Festival, RI, US (’03)
Northampton Film Festival, MA, US (’03)
Wiebaden Festival of Animation, Germany (’03)
Cinematexas International Film Festival, TX, US (’03)
Indie Film Journal, WGBY TV, MA, US(’03)
First Sundays Comedy Film Festival, NY, US(’03)
First Look Student Film Festival, CO, US (’03)
*Included on Best of First Look Student Film Festival DVD II
*Selected by PBS for Independent film showcase
Chicken Wire Ranch exhibition, TX, US (’03)
Featured in New England Animation Bash, MA, US (’03)
CINEME, Chicago Int’ Festival of Animation, IL, US (’03)
Rooftop Film Festival,NY, US (’04)
*Included on Chaise Magazine vol. 2: Biannual DVD/Mag
HOOT Film Festival, US (’12)