A car and Leslie’s living room

Our short film is going a bit slow but well. The title is called “Something left, something taken” which is a famous quote by crime scene investigators.
No matter what, there is always a clue to the crime scene.
Here’s the short description of our film.
Folk craft meets forensic science in this true story of a trip to San Francisco.

It’s been a lot of fun to craft miniature objects, it’s like crafted Second Life.
I’ll post more pictures later tonight-.

5 thoughts on “A car and Leslie’s living room

  1. tinyru Post author

    I just made a shotgun and hunting riffle out of a cardboard.
    The awesome part of the life-size cardboard car that I am going to make you is totally eco friendly. Instead of putting gasoline, you have to keep kicking the ground like a skateboard. Your legs will be very huge by the time you get to California.


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