French & Japanese subtitles

Hey! French subtitles is completed for “Something Left, Something Taken”!
Thank you to Emmanuelle and Noella for helping us out.
Also thank you to Mel, Anne, William, Phil, Phil’s mom for suggestions.

* click on HD to view larger.

Also I forgot to announce this months ago but Japanese subtitles is up, too.
Thank you to my dad for some suggestions!

6 thoughts on “French & Japanese subtitles

  1. JohnnyHeat

    How did you do the character rigging? What where the little tools you used onscreen to move the head and limb’s. Very, very nice. both my wife and I loved watching your animation.

  2. tinyru Post author

    Thank you very much Johnny!
    The character rig was all custom-made by our talented friend, Sean McBride. (The tools were also created by him)So we don’t have any tutorial or plug-in to share with AE users at this point.

  3. JohnnyHeat

    You folks are really good! Thank you for responding to my questions. You have fun with what you are doing and it is very apparent in your work.

  4. Liya

    Hi guys,

    I love your animation so much and have featured it on my blog for all my friends to see. “Something left, something taken” is simply GENIUS!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  5. Hakan

    great work you guys! the making-of video is very inspiring too. love the style, couldn’t believe you didn’t use any 3D package.
    not sure whether you’d need it, but i’d love to help you guys if you need turkish subtitles 😉

  6. tinyru Post author

    >Hakan, Thanks so much for your offer for the Turkish subtitles! I will contact you if that becomes necessary. (Maybe for our next film?)


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