Grandma Kiyoko

This is my mother’s side grandparents when they were young. (60-70 years ago…?)
My grandma loved sewing, stuffed animals, pop culture, organizing, saving stuff, and clothing.
Some people may use the exact words to summarize who I am. (Although I must say I am not as fashionable as my grandma)
That’s because grandma taught me everything I know now.
She passed away this morning. 91 years and 7 months! Bravo.
She truly was a funny person.

She loved being in my animations so she had appeared in “Something Left, Something Taken” and “Daikon Ashi”. The image on the right is a stuffed portrait I made for her.

7 thoughts on “Grandma Kiyoko

  1. Teresa

    Hi Ru :) I’m checking on the site, thank you and your partner for sharing your amazing style and techniques :)
    I heard about a known person of mine who died a few days ago, really peaceful, just stop breathing with his family all around, after a reiki session. I can’t think of anything better than that, it’s a blessing, I mean, we are all going to die someday, so anyone doing it as an old person having enjoyed your life, full of memories, with your family, peacefully… that’s great :)
    On another subject, I was thinking yesterday, and this post gives me the chance to ask you 😀 what do you think or know is the reason why the japaneses (I don’t know if other places as well) have that obsession, or tendency, to do this craft work of small pieces, like small animals designs on drawings, anime, stuffed plushies, etc… I recently started learning amigurumi techniques and that got me wondering what would be the relation between the history or cultural way of the japanese that get them into this small designing forms, mostly hyper-cute little animals. There were bad things on their history, wars and so on, so I think it probably comes from there, as some sort of way to express some feelings that were left behind during those times… I also have known japanese families to be really strict, very good and wise people but they kind of have their sensitivity blocked (that probably does come from all the wars and hard life they went through), so when I see this small cute crafting I think of that: a way to express sensitivity or feelings that they don’t have the chance to express with other people or family when those are strict… and also as they have live hard times with bad dictatorships, they have incorporated a very introspective way of living, so they make really small art pieces instead of something big, sculptures or so… I don’t know… Just thoughts based on people I know and some imagination maybe :D… so maybe you can help me on my investigation, being a cute figures crafter yourself! 😀

    Well… congratulations for the site again, and THANKS for it! Sorry if my post was too long, but you were the perfect person to comment this!! hahah



  2. tinyru Post author

    Thank you very much. I think she’ll always appear in all my movies since she was such a character…!

    Yes, I agree. We’re all going to die anyway so our goal is to have a fulfilled life and leave this world without any regret.
    Your theory is very interesting. I actually started writing what I think and it got really long. Then Max told me that it’s an interesting theory that I should write it as a blog post so I’m going to put something together tomorrow!

  3. Aaron

    I am sorry for your loss. I loved your piece Daikon Ashi and your portrayal of your family. Your work is truly wonderful and I am sure I will smile when I see your grandmother portrayed in your future work.

  4. mary

    I’m so sorry Ru. She was obviously really amazing. I was very lucky to have walked down the street with her in animation, and am sorry I never got to do that in real life!

  5. tinyru Post author

    Thank you! Make sure to find my grandma in our next film.

    Sorry for your loss, too. Let’s have a crafting day before it gets too cold. I think grandma will join us somehow.

    I’m posting it now..!


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