Thank you

So many people helped us with “Something Left, Something Taken.”
We are so grateful to have wonderful friends.
They deserve a crime scene evidence gift bag!
(crime scene evidence bag & tape purchased at crime scene store )

We just want to take this opportunity to thank each one of them…

Sound Design, Recording, Mix
Greg Sextro aka East West Audio

Dialogue Recording
Erin Kilkenny

Erin Kilkenny
Andrew Landry
Andy Kennedy
Panic Bomber
Alex & Alison
Peter Squires

Kyle McKeveny as Artie the driver
Mickey Ryan as Dr. Janno
Tatiana Gomberg as Leslie
Erin Kilkenny as Scientist
Mike DiBenedetto as Steward
Veronica Taylor as Extra
Marc Diraison as Extra

Friends who helped us
Sean Mcbride for rigging characters
Will Krause for prop making
Jene Wallace for prop making
Mary Bakija for sewing
Susie Porter for knitting
Noella Borie for interning
Sara Maysles for voice recording

Generous Sponsorship
Puffin Foundation LTD
Aharon Rabinowitz
Kazuko & The Maysles Family

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