Early Christmas gift from Japan

There are many situations that remind me of how much I love to be part of the animation industry world-wide. Film festivals are awesome because you can make animation friends from other countries and share the passion for animation. Of course it’s sad to know that you won’t get to see them for awhile, but at the same time, as long as we all keep making animations, we’ll encounter each other in a few years.
It’s also encouraging to know that there are people who are going through the same emotions as you on the other side of the world.

I had a wonderful early Christmas gift last year. Dai Sato, a famous Japanime script writer, whom I worked with over the summer came to NYC again to do a research for his new film that he is writing for.
Along came Producer Emi Matsumoto from Robot (Academy-Award winning director Kato belongs to this production company)andMasaaki Yuasa (Director of Mind Game and Kaiba)! They wanted to come to my apt/ studio to check out the lives of New Yorkers.
I don’t think I have a normal living situation, being surrounded by miniature sets and absolutely no decoration. But Max and I spent an entire day to make it look somewhat “normal” and welcomed them.

It was so encouraging and inspiring to have such established people from Japanese animation industry to give us advise. What a wonderful Christmas gift that was…

P.S We also received a wonderful Christmas gift from Estonia. Lots of Estonian animations from our dear friend Janno Poldma!

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