Thank you Jene!

My friend Jene came over to help me out with making the auditorium for “Something Left, Something Taken.”

There are 2 more sets to complete. One is the auditorium / movie theater and the second one is exterior and interior of an airport.

Thank you so much Jene for helping me create these gorgous theater seats!!

It was nice to chat and craft at the same time. She also gave me tips and ideas on how to go about with the walls of the auditorium. I can’t wait to finish this…but for now, I must animate more scenes.

5 thoughts on “Thank you Jene!

  1. Jason

    You guys make such nice sets! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Are you going to release it publicly or are you going to try and get it screened at some festivals? Or both?…I’m not sure what the normal strategy is for animation houses making independent films :)

  2. tinyru Post author

    Thanks so much!
    Our plan is to have both online and public screening first then we’ll submit to festivals.
    We’ll start planning more in a month or so.

  3. Jason


    We’re totally hooked on your studio’s work now. There’s just so much charm to the method you guys use to create these pieces. Good luck on meeting your target date! :)

  4. tinyru Post author

    Thanks! I should be able to post the final auditorium prop towards end of this week.
    Oh and we are going to Ottawa, both of us. Our pitch proposal won Pitch This! competition for TAC so we have to present.

    Yay!! I think you’ll be really happy to see all the parts coming together soon!!


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