Josef Palecek

Josef Palecek is a famous Czech illustrator / animator. As I was looking for Czech animation, “Hey Mister, Let’s Play” (previous post) I found a thumbnail of Mr. Josef’s illustration! I fell in love with his art immediately. They are so magical and tingle my heart. I kept researching his art and I am pretty sure I grew up with his artwork since some of the book covers do look familiar. Czech is known to be the children’s book country and they sure do publish some amazing books. I can stare at them forever. All the crazy patterns and detailed flowers are the signature of Czech art. Love it!

One thought on “Josef Palecek

  1. Kelly

    THANK YOU! I have been searching for this illustrator for years now. His illustrations for the Little Mermaid were something I grew up with but was never able to find again. There are hundreds of illustrators for that title! Probably more than that. As I am an illustration loyalist, no other version would do. This was the last book on the “gotta find it” from childhood list. Thanks so much for posting the picture!


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