October Film Festivals for “PERFECT HOUSEGUEST”

Here’s the upcoming festival list for “Perfect Houseguest.”
This little mouse gets to travel all over the world to clean & organize….jealous.
Perfect Houseguest

Anim’est, Romania
Oct 2 ~ 11

Minimest 1
Oct 2 10:30 Studio Cinema
Oct 9 10:30 Studio Cinema

Festival du Nouveau Cinema, , Canada
Oct 7 ~ 18
Programme p’tits loups 1
Oct 10 (sat) 10:00~ Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des sciences


Sapporo Short Film Festival, Japan
Oct 7~12

Family & Children
Sapporo Plaza2.5
10/9 (fri) 13:00~ 14:45
10/11(sun) 15:00~16:45
10/12(mon) 11:00~ 12:45

New Hampshire Film Festival, USA
Oct 15 ~ 18
October 16(fri), 5:40pm @3S ARTSPACE

Festival de Cine de Madrid, Spain
Oct 16 ~ 25
Cinema for Kids (Cine Molón)

Reggio Film Festival, Italy
Oct 20 ~ 26

Screening of International short films
Sunday Oct 25th (sun) 10.30 p.m ~


Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA
Oct 23 ~ Nov 1

Ready, Steady, Go!
Oct 25 (sun) 1:00pm~ Gorton Center
Oct 25 (sun) 3:00pm ~ Theater 1

Tall Tales
Oct 31 (sat) 9:45am~ Theater 2

Sunny Side of the Street
Oct 31(sat) 2:00pm~ Screening Room

Wee Beasties
November 1 (sun) 9:30am ~ Theater 1

Klik! Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 27 ~ Nov 1

Animated Professional Shorts Competition #1
Wed 28 Oct, EYE 1, 75min 19:15
Sat 31 Oct, EYE 1, 75min 10:00

KLIK! for Kids Program.
Sun 1 Nov, EYE 2, 60min 11:00

Multivision Film Festival, Russia
Oct 24 ~ Nov 29

2 thoughts on “October Film Festivals for “PERFECT HOUSEGUEST”

  1. Steve

    Hi Guys, I saw Perfect Houseguest at DepicT! and thought it was great. I was just curious, since your films are in so many festivals, if you do all the submission and communication for them yourselves or if you have someone who takes care of it for you. I find it takes up a lot of time, which I’d rather spend animating, but has to be done.

    1. Ru Post author

      Hi Steve! Thanks so much :)
      We take care of all the submissions and communication ourselves. I do wish somebody will take care of it, unfortunately that’s not the case. I totally agree with you, I’d rather produce more work using the time I spend for festival distribution…. But with any artwork, 50% making and 50% marketing. I use a system where every 2nd of the month, I spend all day submitting and most of the emails to festivals (ex festival screener, materials, etc) I use my Sundays.


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