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Stopping the Blog…

Good bye Blog. I will keep this up but most of the pictures, work-in-progress updates and news will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.
IF you are one of the last few people who is reading this blog, thank you for stopping by.

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Internship with Willy

We have not had any intern in 6 years but this winter break, we asked Willy Fair from MICA Animation to help us out.
We wanted to conduct a several test animations to try out the puppet, animatable clothes, lighting, and the set.
For 1.5 weeks, we silently worked in a film studio at MICA and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Good job Willy, it ended up being such a great session.

Puppet making with Mr. Yoshida!

I had the pleasure of working with a master puppet maker in Japan, Mr. Yoshida.
He makes all the puppets at Dwarf Studio that creates Domokun, Komaneko and many more.
Thank you to Mr. Minegishi, an amazing puppet animator at Dwarf Studio.

Mr. Yoshida was so thorough with communicating with me and explained patiently with the process and all the possible materials to try. Visiting his studio was a lot of fun, seeing all the tools and random materials laying around, it gave me a lot of sparks in trying new materials. If I lived in Japan, I would be visiting his studio all the time…

Family Paintings

While I was in Japan, my family helped me make some props. After a family dinner, we decided to paint miniature paintings that will be decorated in various sets for our next film, “Negative Space.”

Can you tell who painted which?

Then mom embroidered some elements in the paintings to add more texture and dimension.
Thank you mother, brother and sister-in-law for helping me out :) :) :)

Dead puppets came alive from the Grave Yard

I posted awhile ago that all the failed puppets go to the “puppet grave yard”
(You can read the blog post here)
Well, my mother asked me if she could have them so I happily brought them with me when I visited Japan.
Here is the renewed puppets.

Mom made them clothes, finished the face on the female puppet and gave them a frame.
Very happy they found a new home instead of laying in the dark puppet grave yard.