Monthly Archives: July 2014

Puppets that auditioned for “Between Times”

Usually, there are handful of puppets who auditioned and didn’t make it in the film.
These two are inspired by our friends from the residency in the Netherlands. We were originally thinking of fabric made puppets. Eventually we went with CG characters w/ clay texture.
Still like the design & texture a lot. Maybe one day they’ll show up in something. Until then, they’ll be hanging on the wall.

There are two more puppets that got eliminated…I need to find them.

Detective (Or Serial Killer) WALL

Maybe it’s about time to use another wall…or maybe make this into an animatic.
Maybe I should put red strings all over so it’ll look like a detective trying to figure out a murder case.
Like this

After some much encouragement through twitter, I decided to push forward.

Now the wall is completed and ready to move to production.

Sondheim Semi-Finalist Exhibition @ Artscape

If you’re in Baltimore area, come to Artscape, Baltimore’s summer art festival!
Our exhibition is in MICA’s Decker and Meyerhoff galleries at 1303 West Mount Royal Avenue during Thursday, July 17, 2014 through Sunday August 3.

Last night, we spent a few hours setting up some sets from “Between Times” and videos to loop on flat screens. It was quite nostalgic to reunite with the bakery after a few months of stored away in our apartment closet.

Hey look, I’m a giant :)