Monthly Archives: April 2014

Workshop @ MICA MFA Illustration Practice

Last month…..(Yes, I am very behind with my post), I did a 3-days animation workshop at MICA’s MFA Illustration department.
It was a quick crash course covering “what is animation” to “How to animate with Dragonframe.” As everybody introduced themselves, I did a quick sketch of the grad students so I could remember their names & faces.

Working with Illustrators is quite fun because they already have interesting styles to work with. Going over their portfolios and storyboards were really fun. I came home very inspired to challenge myself with new design styles.

I have a feeling that some people got “hooked” to animation :)
Thanks Jaime Zollars for organizing this workshop. I hope all their animations came out great.

Sound Mix with Studio Unknown

We had an extremely fun sound mix session yesterday at Studio Unknown in Catonsville.
Experiencing 5.1 is so physical, emotional and immersive… It’s so hard to go back to stereo now. Thank you Kevin for offering your talent and Jaime for coordinating!
We’re off to checking out the film in a big auditorium later today :)