Monthly Archives: February 2014

Snowing Outside, Super Hot Inside

This is what was happening at 3:30am last night. Bram is here to work with us in Baltimore!
We’re about to watch our first rough cut together. All the elements (picture, sound, music, vo) are IN!
What a long journey it was to get to this point. There’s lots of snow outside and another set of snow is falling on the ground. But inside this apartment is super hot with passion & intensity.
We still have the next few weeks to finalize the edit, fix some shots, color correction, sound mix…etc etc the list goes on, but it really is the final stage of the production! One last push…!

Updating Website / blog

I neglected my website for a bit too long. Facebook , twitter, and various other social medias seem to have taken over the internet that I thought, “Who really looks at the website anymore.” So whenever anybody says “I look at your website” or “I read your blog”, I am slightly guilty for not updating or giving it the proper care. So that is what I’ve been doing, on-and-off between things, updating the website.
You may see some random elements that aren’t cohesive within this website / blog but that’s because I’m figuring out and fixing. The new website will launch soon, sometime this month.