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33 shots to composite!

Computers are always rendering!


By mid to late January, we will go into final edit, final fixes, final sound, final everything. Very excited to see everything starting to wrap up and at the same time, very exhausted. Cannot wait to socialize, explore Baltimore and most importantly take weekends off.

How to use Beta tapes

Every film festival requires different formats for the screening tape that you have to make tons of tapes. Beta SP NTSC, Beta SP PAL, Digi Beta, HDCam, etc… It’s all good when they’re circulating the world. But after 2 years of film festivals, what do you do with these beta tapes?
They take up a lot of space but you can’t really throw away.
Here’s the solution.
Beta tapes are REALLY useful when you need to prop the sets up temporarily. They’re like LEGOs. You can adjust the height easily and they stack up nicely. (*note: This will not work for stop-motion…obviously)

Example 01: Far away background house

I wanted to put something for the far away background. The problem was that the sets were already taking up the desk and didn’t have anything of that height to prop up a house back there.

Thanks for a lightkit case and several beta tapes, I could prop up a house back there! Yay!

Example 02: Upshot

Since this was an upshot, the sets needed to be positioned very high. Hmmm… desks aren’t adjustable.

Thanks to several beta tapes, I could prop up the entire street.

Example 03: Downshot

This was a downshot so the sets needed to be on the floor. I just needed to put another wall because the camera was panning.

No problem, the beta tapes propped up a wall and also stabilized.

Very happy that we found a way to use old beta tapes and recycle into something else :)