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I made a pie. It’s one of the bigger props for close up shots. (Probably about half a size of a real pie)
As much as I enjoy making baked goods for our film, it’s so sad that after spending an hour making it, I still cannot eat it.
Maybe I should make a real pie one day…

In the early spring, we received an email from to be part of their mini documentary series, “Creative Sparks”.
For those who are not familiar with, it is a tutorial training website where you can learn about various skills like software, business and art making. Both Max and I have used it many times to improve our skills. It’s affordable, accessible and extremely helpful site.
They wanted to document our work-in-progress film, “Between Times” and also about us. How we work together, how we come up ideas, what it’s like to live with animation everyday, etc.

When Mia and Scott, the directors/cinematographers came, we were extremely excited. It’s unusual for us to be in front of the camera and I was curious how things are done in documentary. They were so good. Neither of them do animation but they knew the craft, technique, programs, etc. They made it easy for us to answer questions, helped us clarify our sentences and most importantly, made us a lot more comfortable in front of the camera

Mia & Scott thoroughly filming everything in the studio.

Mia & Scott setting up the final interview. Our studio is looking atmospheric with the lighting set up.

It was super fun 3 days and we were sad when they left. I was very inspired and energized by their visit and gave me a stronger desire to FINISH THIS FILM!
Thank you Thank you Candice and George for organizing this. Thank you Tracy and rest of the editing crew for the upcoming months to put this together.
The release date is mid-January. There are still some work to do for both sides but I am looking forward very much how this will come together.

Hiding in the Dark Room

This summer was very hot and sunny in Baltimore. What did we do?
The answer is that we spent majority of our time in a very dark studio shooting stop-motion and compositing.
We are wrapping up our summer with one of the most difficult shots in the film, scene 03.
It’s 30 seconds of continuously drifting dolly movement, two separate tilts and a 180 degree nodal pan. (translation: it was difficult)
We’ve thought about how to shoot this for over 6 months and luckily it worked after a few tries.
WHAT A RELIEF! First stage is over and now we just have to put the CG characters in and composite. Almost there…:)