Monthly Archives: June 2013

Mutant Version

When I scaled down the character rigs, this happened.
Two of the characters (It happens that both of them are females) didn’t scale down properly. It ended up being an easy fix with the skin but I thought the way they mutated are SO COOL!
These are great character designs and what a happy accident and surprise this is….
So who will win this battle? Natasha with an armor or Baker w/ scissors hands?

New Studio Space! Yay!

We have always worked out of our home. When we moved to the Netherlands, it was the first time we had a separate studio space from our living space. After the initial months of confusion, I fell in love with the idea of separating life and work. I must say I went home just to eat dinner and to sleep. Not surprisingly, I ended up spending majority of the waking time in the studio.
When we moved to Baltimore, I wanted something similar. There is a huge advantage of working from home. It’s more economical and practical. Why waste double the rent and utilities? I can also do house cleaning, cooking and laundry during my breaks.
But also by having a separate place, I found myself valuing my professional time more. Also the morning stroll to the studio put me in the right mode to get going with the day.

The studio hunt in Baltimore took about 5 months. There are tons of cheap raw spaces but they were too dirty and unsafe for our equipments. Cleaner office spaces were too expensive, small and ceilings were too low. Yes, we were being picky but if we were going to invest in a studio, it needed to be the right place.
Thanks to Rachel who got the lead in this awesome factory converted space in Clipper Mill, we jumped on immediately. Now Rachel is our studio-mate and I’m looking forward to creating work with her.

This is how it looked before. Even though we loved the huge windows and all the lights that shone through, we needed to create half of the space in complete darkness for photography & stop motion.
Max has been vitamin D deficient for awhile…no wonder!

BIG THANKS to Rich, who came up with the idea of how to install metal pipes. We spent a few hours in his wood shop carving 2×4 wood pieces so they would wrap around the columns in the studio.
BIG THANKS to Phil, who installed all the pipes for us. We originally borrowed an electric lifter from our landlord but we couldn’t finish everything by the time they needed it back. Generously they swapped with 19ft ladder.
With all the help we got, we were able to create a wonderful studio. THANK YOU FRIENDS! The best part of Baltimore—–people are great!