Monthly Archives: May 2013

Background characters

Since the film takes place in a town, we needed a few more background characters.
Most of the characters are based on our friends in the Netherlands. Now that we no longer live in the Netherlands, we realized that this film is becoming a little memory capsule for us.
We were happy to make more bg characters because it meant that we can add more friends that we made there.
From left is Urte, a very talented animator who is now 8 months pregnant. Ton, the director of NIAF who will ride a bicycle and perhaps eat cookies. A man with two white dogs (the second dog will be digitally duplicated) who walked in front of our apartment everyday.
*Arms are missing because I am reusing the same arms in CG

It feels like I made my Netherlands in miniature and brought them all to Baltimore.

In a week, we’ll move to a new studio space. A lot of work to do but SUPER EXCITED. I think all the characters will be happy there.


This is the last set of the new film, the clock shop. I’ll need to add a few more details before shooting, but for now what a relief to finish all the sets!
The construction went fast, it was only less than 2 weeks.

I wish I could live here. (Well, I actually prefer the bakery over this clock shop)
We put so much care into these miniature houses that they are far more thought-out and decorated than our own house.

Our hope is that once we move, we will slowly put more care into our surroundings, which will happen soon. Because starting June, we are moving into a new studio which we will share with our friend, Rachel from Red Prairie Press ! So excited! I have been missing the artist studio environment since I left the Netherlands so when Rachel asked if we want to share the studio space with her, I did not even have to think for a sec. (Animation talk: I only thought about it for only 1 frame, and did not need 23.976 frames)
Pictures will come soon when we’re settled in.