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We finally finished the village for our short film.
This took about 5 weeks in total.
There are still a few more things to do but the final touch up needs to happen in Baltimore.
* There is a way to fold all this and turn into a smaller package. Another blog post to come…

Let me show you some details.
Here are some shops that have the most screen time.

Bike shop

Fish market

Close up of fish market

Clothes shop


Close up of veggies

In the alley way is a night club “De Nacht” which exists in Tilburg.
This is for Dexter fans out there…

Quilt shop. Also exists in Tilburg called Quilt it & Dotty.
It’s a lovely shop that inspired the bakery.

Close up… 95% of the fabric was purchased there. Everything there is so cute and lovely.

Here are some pictures of us working.
Our great friend, Will Krause came to Tilburg for a few days and he helped us out making some bikes and bike parts.

Let’s walk through “behind the scene” of the construction.

Phase 1
April 23 (mon) to May 7 (mon)

One side of the village. The construction and color scheme were figured out.

Phase 2
May 14 (mon) to May 22 ( tues)

The other side of the village.

Phase 3
July 8 (sun) to July 22 (sun)

All the details were added here. It’s the most fun part of the set building!


It’s important to keep all the pieces organized!
More organize = efficient = speed = EVERYTHING IS DONE!

In order to “age” the village, we experimented with “used coffee”. Luckily everybody at NIAF drinks coffee all the time that I had unlimited supply of used coffee.
I love how it smells good, looks great, and cheap.

Roof and tiled floors were super tedious.
I cut up so many little pieces then they were assembled back into a big piece again.

Voice Over Recording w/ Tatiana & Bram

The wonderful Tatiana Gomberg flew in to Amsterdam from New York to play the main role in our short film.
Bram (composer / sound designer) was in charge of the recording.

Lots of laughing and lots of “let’s try this”.
Bram, Max and I had a clear vision of what we wanted and it was interesting to see how our thoughts blended in through Tatiana’s voice acting.
The temp VO was my voice. The read was cold and dry. It wasn’t portraying the character well. Whereas Tatiana’s acting has range in emotion from funny to sensitive. I’m so happy she is helping us out. SHE IS SO GREAT!

A week of her stay and 2 days of VO recording ended well.
So we went through a stroll in the farm are in Tilburg to enjoy the sceneary.

Thank you Tatiana & Bram.
Now we just have to keep animating until we’re rejoined again to do a pick up VO in half a year.

NIAF event : Russian Lunch, Dutch Dinner & American Jewish Lunch

One of the nicest things about belonging to an organization is that we do very cozy events that makes our relationships better. Followed by my Hinamatsuri (aka Japanese lunch), we decided to continue this international lunch event.


Next up was a Russian lunch by Frauke (German) and Digna (Dutch) on May 22nd.
Everybody was puzzled why “Russian” lunch when none of those girls are Russians but let’s not question things too much.

I am not sure how many people were productive after the lunch. But it was delicious.


June 19th was a Dutch dinner organized by Ton (Head of NIAF).
The new herrings were in season around this time. (Salted, raw, small fish)

Run to herrings! They were gone in probably 5 minutes.

Followed by a very strong Dutch drink, Korenwijn. (Very similar to Jenever)


Then it was Max’s turn on July 11th.
*As if we were obsessed, there were so many lunches around this time…
Brisket, Potato Latkes, Bagel w/ Cream cheese and NY cheesecake.

Max explained about NYC and its food culture.


The Next international lunch is undecided since everybody goes away for a few weeks during the summer.
But I am sure in September, something delicious will be organized.