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Animation Test

This is how our film will look!
The environment is stop motion. (door swinging and light) And the character, some shadows, dust are CGI.
Direction of the light has an important role in the film so we experimented with lighting and we’re happy with the result.
Now we just have 200 + shots to animate and composite…..!

Stop Motion Set-up

We had to do a stop motion of the bakery door.
Then the CG animated character will be composited in.

There is a room painted in black for photo shooting.
It’s a pretty big bedroom….that is what I thought when there was no equipment in.
First the bakery went in with 2 big tables.
Then the light kit.
Then the foam cores. ( To bounce lights)
Then a camera with a tripod.
Then a laptop attached to the camera to use Dragon Stop Motion.
Of course Max goes in and I go in.

I was pretty determined to take some sort of making-of video or picture but there was no way I could take any wide shot to show how things were set up.
Here is my attempt.

That is Max setting up the camera and making sure lights are good.
You can’t even tell what’s what.
And it’s blurry, too.
Every time we needed to change the angle of lights or move something, we had to jump, crawl, twist our bodies to get to anything.
The room was all of a sudden too small.

When Max left the room with his laptop, I gave another try to photograph the room.

I drew in our figures to give an idea of what happen.
I did the stop motion while Max on the other side recorded and made sure that the door stop motion was lining up with the CG animated door.
But it looks pretty boring, doesn’t it.

From the other side

Still boring. But I hope what was captured will be beautiful.

Brussels was only 2 hours away…

We realized that we’ve been in the Netherlands for a whole year!
Then we also realized that we haven’t been traveling within Europe as much as we hoped.
Brussels was only 2 hours away and we fell in love.
I found the tasty fruity beers.
Max found many tasty beers.

Cartoon museum was cool. But both of us didn’t know much about European cartoons especially Dutch / Belgium / French cartoons that it felt short.

At the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, there is an exhibition of “Stanley Kubrick Photographer”. Tons of photos of when he was a photojournalist.
Simply amazing. Some series, you can just stand and watch for a very long time. They all tell stories and it’s very easy to get stucked into his world.
If any of you are in Brussels, this is a must see exhibition.

Oranje Euro 2012

How lucky are we to be in EU for the Euro football/soccer championship!
The Netherlands placed 2nd for FIFA 2 years ago that the expectation was high.
The picture was taken from vs.Portugal…which felt like the crowd had already given up because there was very little hope for the team to make it to the tournament.
But a few days before this was vs. Germany. Totally forgot to take the picture but the only color you could see was ORANGE. It was fun… No more Sneijder or Van der Vaart. They lost all the matches.
Well, now onto London Olympics!

Guidance with Peta Ridley ( Editor)

A few weeks ago, NIAF invited Peta Ridley, a documentary / commercial editor from London, UK.
Check out “Skateistan” directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel, edited by Peta Ridley.

SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL from Diesel New Voices on Vimeo.

I met Peta at Abu Dhabi Film Festival last fall and I thought her editing style was really cool.
Animators are notorious for not being able to edit down their films. When you spend days and days animating a few seconds, it’s extremely difficult to say “this shot is unnecessary.”
Peta works mostly with documentaries, which is opposite work flow than animation.
With animation, when the animatic is done, the editing is 90% there. (At this point, I feel like I completed the film.)
With documentary, there are hours of footage and the editor has to assembled them to tell the story at the end.
So I was interested to see what Peta’s expertise can bring to animated films.

Thank you NIAF for making my request happen.
After 3 hours of figuring out the animatic together, we basically had a full day of editing together.
What a learning experience that was. I love having professionals from different discipline come for guidance. It opens up another depth into film making.

Thank you Peta for the visit!