Monthly Archives: May 2012

NIAF tour

At Nederlands Instituut voor Animatiefilm (aka NIAF), they open up for tours to students and art organization.
* There is an open house on June 3rd if you are in Tilburg area.

Last week was a group of film technician, engineer, broadcast, etc from the analog days. They pick an organization to visit every year.
Ole is one of the volunteers at NIAF who helps out the archive department. He belongs to this group and decided to bring his friends.

They were very interested in Max explaining how to mix analogue and digital techniques.

The oldest man was so excited he touched one of the puppets and broke a piece.
(the puppet can easily be fixed with my gluegun)
Then he came up to Max and whispered in his ear,
“The past and the future are closer than you think. I’ve seen the future and it’s beautiful. ”
What a sweet things to say… he made our day.

Baltimore, Maryland, USA will be our home

As much as we love the Netherlands, we had to look for our next location to live/ work.
Congratulations to Max for getting a full-time animation professor position at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, USA!
We will continue to work on independent films and commissioned work—-Tiny Inventions will keep going!

We’re excited for our new life, new city, new chapter in our lives.
Until the move, we’ll enjoy the Netherlands as much as possible.

Queens Day

April 30th is the Queens day in the Netherlands.
Actually, Queen Beatrix’s birthday is January 31st. But her mother, Queen Juliana’s birthday was April 30th. It’s nice that this special day is in the beginning of spring and to see people celebrating under the sun.

3 animators strolled through a nearby park to check out the flea market & outdoor entertainment.

Some interesting toys…

There were rows of retro cars with proud owners.
Of course Max took tons of pictures…perhaps we can use these as a reference for our film?