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Boards & concept art

Since March 2011, we developed storyboards for 3 short films. Then the current story took various turns and twists. Probably something like 5 completely different versions.
Deciding on what project we wanted was quite difficult. We’ve been settled since September and we’ve continued to shape up the story.

Close up. Maybe one day we’ll develop these but until then, they’re all clipped together by scenes and stored in zip lock. (even containing the energy and passion we poured in)

These are some concept art / boards that made the cut.

Warner on Demand

“Something Left, Something Taken” Japanese subtitle version is released via Warner on Demand.
Sadly you cannot access to this website unless you’re in Japan.
*screenshot of the website by my parents.They were delighted to discover what “screenshot” means.
The process of getting the images included “woooow” “ohhhhhhh” “ahhhhhh”.

This also comes with a Japanese version of “making of”.

Bakery is filled

Finally the bakery is filled. Started on Dec 12th and finished on Jan 12th.
This is John the Neighbor sipping a cup of coffee out of a straw.

The first week was dedicated to figuring out the structure.
The four corners have “connectors” which are holding the walls.
These walls slide into the connectors so that I am able to take whichever wall I want for shooting from different angles.

A detail photo of the kitchen.

The wall is somewhat empty because the story is not completely shaped up and something might have to come here.

This is all the baked goods. Some mistaken ones are hiding in the bread rack behind.

The baker needs to clean every night before closing the shop.
side note- every object / character / floor are stained with coffee. This process created an antique look but made my crafting room dirty. So I actually need to use these cleaning supplies.

….and finally, “Here’s Johnny!”

Bacon Egg Gift

A small breakfast was shipped to some special friends in the world for christmas/ new year.

Pack, pack, pack. It’s not very easy to pack such a small object.

Ready to be shipped! I hope they all got a little smile when they opened this little box.

Then a few weeks later, my mom sent me this picture.
She decided to elaborate and make a “breakfast table set”.

Bakery (work in progress)

This is one of the sets that is work in progress for our new film.
Making miniature bread made me so happy. I had the biggest grin on my face for those 2 days.

There is a wonderful clay called “Pando” (made in Japan) that is a flour-based clay.
Meaning when you make miniature bread, you can actually bake them and they’ll rise a little bit.

You can color the clay before baking of afterwards.
The first set, I baked them without color. Actually coloring before creates a better result.

Strawberry shortcake, double chocolate cake & blueberry pie were made.
While making these baked goods, I was so hungry all the time. When the clay is baked it even smells like bread a little bit.
But the saddest truth is that after baking all day, there was nothing edible.

Look how hunched I am. This can’t be good for my health.
I need to take a picture of Max sometime soon because his posture is exactly the same.

Some bread is on the shelf, ready to be sold by…

…the baker with a cinnamon bun hair-do!

Next week, I’ll be making all the odds and ends for the set like shelves and kitchenware.
More pictures will be coming soon…