Monthly Archives: December 2011


During the past week, the Netherlands Institute for Animated Film hosted a Masterclass with Polish film director,
Piotr Dumala.

Piotr is a perpetually curious filmmaker who is well-known for his distinctive plaster and ink etched films.

As an experiment, he recently re-edited his masterpiece, “Crime and Punishment”, to completely change the relationships between characters in the film.

His latest work, the live-action feature “The Forest”, has a very unique parallel plot structure and seems to be a logical extension of his animation work.

During the second part of the workshop, all participants made a short film with sound in a two-day period. The atmosphere was super positive/ focused and the work was very diverse in approach.

Here is my short: “POP!”

POP! from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

Mime class for animation

Our animation residency program, NIAF, offered us a mime class for animators.
Once a week for 5 weeks. Our amazing teacher was William Dashwood, a funny English man who has such a control over his body.
As all the awkward animators trying to imitate graceful William, we learned more about animation than in animation class. It is hard to explain what we learned since we covered many materials in such a short period.
But it was nothing like how I imagined. We did cover a bit of acting and improvisation but it was more about body control. Combination of minor rotation, angel and movement can convey various emotions. It felt more like a yoga/ excercise class in a sense. (Next morning after each class, my upper body was sore from stretching around.)
I am still in middle of processing everything we learned while trying to continue some of the exercises without him. (In my mind, I am as graceful as William)