Monthly Archives: March 2011

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fundraiser @ Kokoro Studio

Last summer, Kokoro Studio in San Francisco put together an exhibition, screening & workshop for Tiny Inventions. And now, they are putting together a fund raising for the horrible earthquake that happened in Japan. If you are in San Francisco area, please join Kokoro Studio and Gallery Heist on April 2 (sat).

You can also purchase a very cute t-shirt there.

If you aren’t in SF area, donating money to Japanese Red Cross will help, too.

Good Bye Brooklyn

Tiny Inventions left Brooklyn on 2/28.
This apartment in Williamsburg served us so well. This is where everything started for us.
Sad but we’re ready for chapter 2.
*I took a picture of our empty studio / apartment but we’re temporarily relocated for the next 2.5 months and we cannot find the card reader to load the picture into our computer. So picture is coming soon.

We’re starting our animation residency program in the Netherlands in June for 2 years. So we decided to spend the next few months for experimenting with animation, work on pre-production for our next independent film and learn C4D. So excited!
When we had some time off in September, we started learning C4D but with commercial pitches & jobs, the program hasn’t been opened for a long time. It’s about time to really learn it.

Wish us luck with all the moving around ( and getting rid of lots of stuff) until we settle down in the Netherlands.