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Philladelphia University Visit & The Mutter Museum

On Wednesday, we visited Philadelphia University.
Thank you Professor Geoff Beatty for inviting us over.
Every college, every class has such a different vibe and it’s interesting to learn what these students are up to and I am curious where they will end up going.
The cafeteria was amazing…. I had never experienced a good cafeteria where you have lots of choices and taste good. Everything was delicious and I found myself grabbing more food than I should have.

After the fun lecture & lunch, we headed to the Mutter Museum!
Oh dear, it is definitely my favorite museum ever.
It is all about strange human deformation, disease, and forensic science!!
I kept scratching myself while looking at various skin & eye diseases. Then I kept straining my back while looking at various skeleton deformations.
There was an exhibit about presidents’ assassins. It’s one of those exhibit that you end up reading everything and 1 hour flew by. We could have stayed there for another day, so much information and so much to draw. It’s a must place to go back one day.

Museum of the Moving Image – workshop

Museum of the Moving Image is back looking slick and cool. Last weekend, we had a wonderful opportunity to hold a workshop for kids age 8+.When we entered the museum, I didn’t recognized. It’s all white, interesting architecture with beautiful lighting.

We did a “cartoon morphing” where everybody’s drawings morphed into another.
Since we are used to teaching high school to college level, we simplified the process.
There was only 30 min to draw and 30 min to shoot in istopmotion so time was quite limited. But all the kids were super happy with how it came out and it was so much fun to hang out with them through animation.
Thank you for the opportunity!

Southern Utah University Visit

After our fun time at Sundance, we flew over to Cedar City to visit Southern Utah University to have a class visit, lecture & portfolio review for the art department.

Thank you Professor Jay Merryweather for bringing us over to SUU.
Students at SUU were very energetic and filled with potential. It was interesting to hear some students participating in very competitive sports teams (like gymnastics!) or having several children while in school. We tend to deal with NYC college students so lives seemed very different.
But we really enjoyed learning about them and seeing different sides of school life.

Over the weekend, Jay took us snowmobiling!!!
It was incredible rush and we were surprised how fast those machines can go.

Our great friend Sean McBride met up with us in Utah. (He is on a coast-to-coast road trip)
He had a near death experience right after I took this photo.
See the hill? It’s a normal dirt/ concrete road on the other side. But Sean didn’t know so he flew as if fresh snow was waiting for him.
Max & I also had near death experience where the snowmobile flipped on top of Max.
Jay rescued us.

We were all sore next day but it didn’t stop us to go check out the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs.

Even though the view was astonishing, we couldn’t help but start to prop a stuffed bear and play around with it.

Thank again Jay for bringing us to Cedar City, we had such an amazing time with your students & Family.

Sundance Report 03: Park City High School

During Sundance Film Festival, we participated in “Filmmakers in the Classroom” which was to visit the local Park City high school to screen our movie and answer questions.

This high school had the most beautiful & impressive facilities I have ever seen. It was as good as any art college that we visited. Clean classrooms, tons of computers, editing room, art room, etc etc.
The school offers animation, film making, special effects classes. (NOTE: this is a public school)
These kids are so lucky to be exposed to such classes and actually get to talk to Sundance directors.

“Max puppet” from Something Left, Something Taken got to say “hi” to everybody in the audience.

Thank you “Filmmakers in the Classroom” program for choosing our film to take part in it.
Every time we do a screening / lecture, we get so inspired and receive incredible amount of energy back from the audience.

Sundance Report 02: Animation Showcase

Our film was in “Animation Showcase” program along with some amazing animated films.

The premier was on the 2nd day at midnight. Despite of the time, it was a full theater and a great screening.

Our 3rd screening was in Salt Lake City. Attending directors all huddled into a van and drove for 45 min to get to the theater. It was one of the funnest ride ever. We just talked and talked about animation on the way there and on the way back. Passionate debate over short vs feature length!

Photo by Niki Lindroth von Bahr & Jonatan Leman.
SLC audience had such a fun and vibrant energy that Q&A went for quite some time.

New friends!
From Left
Mickey Please
His new short, “The Eagleman Stag” is absolutely mind blowing. You’ll see this film in every film festival you’ll attend. What a talented & friendly guy he is.

The Eagleman Stag – Trailer from Michael Please on Vimeo.

Jonatan Leman & Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Niki’s film, “Tord & Tord” was my favorite at Ottawa ’10. Its dry humor and delicate crafting won my heart.

Tord och Tord Trailer from Niki Lindroth von Bahr on Vimeo.

I got to see Iwai Shunji’s new feature film, “Vampire” at the Egyptian theater. What a treat.

Sundance Report 01: Animation House

We attended Sundance Film Festival from 1/20 ~ 1/26 .

*photo taken by David O’Reilly*
Thanks to David O’Reilly & Henning Kamm for inviting us to the animation house. A total of 6 animators & 1 producer shared an apartment for the duration of Sundance which made our festival experience x10000000 more fun.
Kirsten Lepore, Lorenzo Fonda, Jon Klassen , David & Henning made us laugh the whole time.
How come animators can become best friends so quickly?
Spending some time with them was the best part of the festival.
It was so much fun that we forgot to take a group photo!!

We played this game that is like exquisite corps but I don’t remember the name.
It was too much fun that we played for hours and hours for multiple days. Good times.

CONGRATULATIONS to David O’Reilly for receiving honorable mention for shorts!

The External World TRAILER from David OReilly on Vimeo.

CONGRATULATIONS to Kirsten Lepore for receiving Grand Jury Sparky Award for Best Animated Short @ Slamdance Film Festival!

Bottle from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.