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Kodak Animation Show

Jan 12th, 2011
Kodak Animation Show organized by Signe Baumane & Bill Plympton.
(picture taken by Pat Smith’s camera because I forgot to bring mine)

This was a very cozy and fun show with new york animators.
Bill Plympton “Guard Dog Global Jam”
Dave Levy“Grandpa Looked Like William Powell”
Max & Ru “Something Left, Something Taken”
Andy Kennedy “Accumulonimbus”
Ruth Lingford “Little Deaths”
Pat Smith “Masks”
Signe Baumane “Rocks in My Pockets” – sneak preview

It is always fun to be around Signe who has such a funny and warm spirit.
Thank you for having our film in the bunch!

It isn’t easy making films and it is always encouraging and helpful to hear advices from independent film makers who have been in this business for quite some time.

We’re off to Sundance on Thursday morning. I wish we can update twitter & blog real time during the festival but unfortunately Max & I are quite ancient when it comes to phone.
Since we usually stay inside the studio all day, we always felt like there is no need for us to buy blackberry, iphone or laptop. Whenever we travel, we find it liberating to not have any attachment to work. But when it comes to film festival, which is related to work, we find it very inconvenient not to have any internet connection around us! I think it’s about time to get with the technology.

Also 1/27, we’ll be having a lecture at Southern Utah University. It will be a long trip in Utah and we’re super excited.