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Ottawa Int Animation Festival ’10

OIAF was fun! It was so much fun!
We were extremely happy to have 2 films in the competition.
It was the first time that we participated the entire festival and it was intense!
Luckily this year’s focus was Japanese Indies film. I haven’t had the chance to get connected to Japanese indies scene so it was very educating and enlightening. What I love about animation film festivals is that we get to meet so many amazing directors and get have nerdy animation conversations. It is a very celebratory and supportive community and I am so glad to be part of it.

Here are some members of CALF which is a newly established label for independent animators in Japan.
They are very passionate, supportive and kind people. They have been touring around festivals all over the world, so I hope you’ll get the chance to meet them in person!

How exciting does this look? The movie theater was packed with animators and animation fans. What a great energy.
We are so motivated and inspired to make more films! Unfortunately it takes a long time for us to make a film but we hope to participate at OIAF again.

French & Japanese subtitles

Hey! French subtitles is completed for “Something Left, Something Taken”!
Thank you to Emmanuelle and Noella for helping us out.
Also thank you to Mel, Anne, William, Phil, Phil’s mom for suggestions.

* click on HD to view larger.

Also I forgot to announce this months ago but Japanese subtitles is up, too.
Thank you to my dad for some suggestions!