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Red Giant TV episode 47

We made a video about our workflow for Red Giant Software.
Check it out…!

Red Giant TV
In this episode, the team at Tiny Inventions shares their unique workflow for mixing real-world models with computer animation. They’ve used these techniques for music videos, advertising, and their new short film: ‘Something Left, Something Taken.’

RGTV Episode 47: Tiny Inventions from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

Here is the Trailer they put together

RGTV Tiny Inventions Trailer from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

Big THANK YOU to Sean McBride for his genius rigging.


Cinematographer: Jason Guerrero

Jason and his assistant Eric filmed the “making of” without any AC on due to the sound recording.
Thank you for working so hard in the hottest studio, and also the beautiful footage!

Pixar tour by Mr.Don Crum

While we were in San Francisco, we contacted a friend of ours who is a wonderful animator at Pixar.
He was super generous enough to give us a 3 hour tour!!!
Storyboards, concept illustrations and clay maquettes were displayed nicely on the 2nd floor. Some of this pre-production work is never displayed in front of the public eye, so it’s exciting to see the development art getting the attention it deserves.

The most amazing part of the studio was “the ghetto” also known as the animation department.
It felt like… disney land / junkyard / backyard all put together in the most creative way possible. Mixed with rooms, there were little playhouses used as cubicles. Each animator decorated her/his house or room in a very unique way that was inspiring. One animator built a roof deck on top of his playhouse, and our friend Don built a treadmill in the floor so he can exercise while he animates. How cool is that!?
That place is magical, and all the talented animators are wizards.

Thank you so much Don for a very intensive, inspiring, educational tour.

Kokoro Studio exhibition in San Francisco

From 7/22 (thurs) to 29 (thurs) we had an exhibition for “Something Left, Something Taken” at Kokoro Studio in San Francisco.
Keiko, the owner of Kokoro Studio was extremely generous to offer her space for 1 week to exhibit sets, props, puppets and stills from the movie. We also had a screening & workshop of the film.

We had about 1 full day to put the show together. Max ran around the city trying to get various supplies while Keiko and I put everything up neatly.

What an experience to display miniature San Francisco sets in San Francisco!
I always make these sets and props to be in a film, not to be displayed and looked by people.
So I was overwhelmed with happiness that people were looking closely at the sets & props.

This is when the gallery opened… people were already waiting outside. By the time we screened our movie, it was PACKED! We were all sweating in the gallery when the weather outside was freezing.
Thank you so much for everybody who came to the opening.

Last day of our exhibit, we held a workshop. We talked through our process step by step and the audience was enthusiastic to ask us questions. Again, thank you so much for coming to the workshop!

Thank you Keiko & Ray for a wonderful hospitality. San Francisco is filled with generous and strange people. <3

“Accumulonimbus” by Andy Kennedy

Watch this film right now!!!

Andy is a great friend of ours who is extremely talented. (I bet everybody can agree after watching this movie)

I have a very personal connection to this animation because we all started working on our independent films around the same time and also finished around the same time. It was nice to have a great friend who lives near by who could share work-in-progress and motivate each other. I am so proud of Andy and this movie is going to bring lots of success and happiness to his life!

Check out behind the scene, too. It’s very inspiring!