Monthly Archives: September 2009

Lucky Bee Bee @ Toys”R”us

Tiny Inventions has been working on Jakks Pacific’s new toy line, “Lucky Bee Bee” for over a year now. We are very excited that we can finally release some of the illustrations we’ve done.
There is not many opportunities where I can be shamelessly girly and bubbly with design and it was fun putting lots of hearts, stars and sparkles on all illustrations.
Commercials were not done by us but we were still excited to see our illustrations turned into 3D toys!

I finally brought myself to Toys”R”us in Times Square a few days ago.
The happiness that filled me up when I saw Lucky Bee Bee in the shelf was overwhelming.

I just went there to purchase a few charms and I ended up buying almost the entire shelf!

You can purchase these charms at Target and Toys”R”us.

Thank you Jene!

My friend Jene came over to help me out with making the auditorium for “Something Left, Something Taken.”

There are 2 more sets to complete. One is the auditorium / movie theater and the second one is exterior and interior of an airport.

Thank you so much Jene for helping me create these gorgous theater seats!!

It was nice to chat and craft at the same time. She also gave me tips and ideas on how to go about with the walls of the auditorium. I can’t wait to finish this…but for now, I must animate more scenes.

Making of….”Electric Car”

This is a making of “Electric Car” video that we created for They Might Be Giants.
A demo version of the song is used in the video up until the end of the 1st chorus.

They Might Be Giants -Electric Car : Making Of from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

Storyboard & Animatic

Storyboards were drawn on paper and animatic timing was worked out in Flash.


For this project, it was very important for us to use recycled materials.
Some of the beautiful papers were donated from Kazuko & The Maysles family.


The bulk of production was completed in a very busy month.


Paper puppets and crafted objects were under lit to accentuate the textures.
This also gave the materials a natural lightwrap.


Digital photographs were assembled in Photoshop.


Characters and environments were animated in After Effects.
The cars were originally crafted but they were reassembled in 3D space in After Effects.


Additional lighting and atmospheric elements were added to give a magical touch!

This is the youtube link for the video.