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Women In Animation-A Survey Of Contemporary Women Animators

Nina Frenkel & Ru Kuwahata presented “A Survey of Comtenporary Women Animators” for Women In Animation meeting on 5/28.
This is a list of animators and their animations that we talked about.

***Independent Animators***

Laura Heit
“Look For Me”

Eun-Ha Paek
“Hunger Like A Wolf”

“Music Video for Alain Mpela’s Vigilance tous Azimuts”
(You can watch under Eun-Ha’s website)

Martha Colburn

“Myth Labs”
(You can watch parts of her films and interesting “the making of” at her website.)

Signe Baumane


Nina Paley

“Sita Sings The Blues”

***Commercial Animators***

Norma Toraya aka Crankbunny
“Handmade” for Etsy

“Thought Bubble” for United Airlines
(you can watch under Crankbunny’s website)

Gaelle Denis
“City Paradise”

“Open Science” for Dupont

“Two Worlds” for United Airlines

Johanne Ste-marie aka Fluorescent Hill
“Try Telling That To My Baby” for The Heavy Blinkers

“Myriad Harbour” for The New Pornographers

***Student Animation***

Corrie Francis

“Conversing with Aotearoa”

-Nicole Mitchell

-Lizzie Marks
“A Few Of My Favorite Things”

You can also view other students animations done at Parsons Pre-College Academy Summer Intensive course. Enjoy and thank you for coming to our presentation!

40th Asifa East Animation Festival

“Davy Crockett in Outer Space” won 2nd place in Sponsor’s category! Hooray.
The certificate is amazing this year.
(Designed by Will Krause.)
Thank you for those who voted for our film, and it is very nice to be recognized for what we do.
My personal favorite was “Q&A” by Rauch Brothers.
It won the best of the festival and it totally deserves it.
The story is charming and characters are animated so beautifully.
Congratulations to everybody who won!

Yoshihiro Tatsumi

This is a sequence to the previous post about the Pen World Voices Festival.
From 4:30 was “Revolutionary Writers: Yoshihiro Tatsumi in Conversation with Adrian Tomine”.
It is ironic but I never heard of Mr. Tatsumi when I lived in Japan.
Last year, a friend of mine recommended me “The Push Man” which I fell in love with immediately.
It’s realistic and shows the dark side of human emotions.
He just released his autobiographical comic called “A Drifting Life” which is the thickest comic I’ve ever seen.
I waited over an hour and a half to get my comic signed by Mr. Tatsumi.
I knew the line was quite long but it still was taking a little too long.
When I peaked, I noticed that Mr. Tatsumi was drawing along with his autograph.
PLUS, every drawing was different! No wonder it’s taking forever.
Though, I must say he was the fastest draftsman ever. The way he draws is like chiseling. It almost seems very abstract until he puts some of the final lines. It was like magic.
(In the comic, young Tatsumi thought that how Tezuka draws is like magic.)
I will treasure this book forever!

Neil Gaiman

The Fifth Annual Pen World Voices Festival was held at the Cooper Union lecture hall last weekend.
The event was called “An Afternoon with International graphic Novelists.
The first lecture was by Neil Gaiman who wrote Coraline.
I’ve been a huge fan of his comic books since I was in college, so it was very exciting.
Mr. Gaiman was charismatic. He knew how to talk to the audience and entertain us.
It was so easy to imagine his stories because he describes the little details so well.
An hour of lecture seemed very short and I got lots of great ideas of how to motivate myself and how to get things done! Wonderful lecture.