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A lot of my childhood friends tend to give me toys when I visit them.
I can say that this is the best toy I’ve ever received!
It’s called toy series and you can make miniature foods!
The sad part is that it’s not eatable. I must say it’s very tempting.
This time, I got “sushi” set.

It comes with a lot of powder in packages.
All you have to do is mix the powder with water following the instruction.

Let’s start with IKURA. (Salmon roe)
Mix red powder and water. Then drop a drip into a bowl of water.
All of a sudden, it hardens and you just have to scoop it and let it dry.
After making a bunch of them……

You just pile them up and here is IKURA SUSHI.

What’s next?

My mom is mixing something yellow….

She also mixed some red….and white…..
Let’s let them dry for 5 minutes

The yellow one got hard. You just have to scoop it and put it on top of the white one, which is rice.

yes, it’s TAMAGO SUSHI. (eggs)
Doesn’t this look so real? It even feels real.

What about the red one?

It’s MAGURO SUSHI. (tuna)
How real does this look?

Another one is UNI SUSHI. (Salmon urchin roe)

Let’s put all the sushi together.

This is how it looks with the kit.
My mom and I made these after we ate dinner, but we got so hungry afterward.
Next morning, my mom made egg sushi for breakfast….

I found a youtube video. Now you can really see how to play with this toy.

Good news!

Davy Crockett in Outer Space was released last August. Since then, I started to submit to film festivals.
And we started to get some results. Here is the list of film festivals we got in.
– Animac, Spain (’09)
– Director’s choice- Black Maria Film+Video Festival, US (’09)
– Anifest, Czech (’09)
– Animated Tales, US (’09)
– Kalamazoo Film Festival, US (’09)
– Boston Underground Film Festival, US (’09)

Hooray! Max and I are off to Animac, an animation festival in Lleida, Spain from 2/23 to 3/1.

San Francisco Street View

Back to working on “Something Left, Something Taken” for a few days.
It’s an independent film that is taking forever to get going. Slowly but surely, we are moving like snails.

Before Max photographs, I will fabricate more with trees, grasses, curtains, and some little details.
But I cannot do those yet because those pieces cannot be glued to each other, otherwise it’ll take up too much space.
So I am moving on to the next scene- which is…San Francisco aerial view. It should be time consuming and fun with little houses and tons of hills.
More pictures to come in a few days.