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Little Ru’s Funny Art

My mom kept most of my art work in the attic.

“self portrait” from 2nd grade.

“Paddy Cakes” from 2nd grade.

And here are some drawings from my sketchbook from when I was in 1st grade.
For some reason, I was obsessed with drawings houses for different animals.
The first one is frog’s house.

Mama frog is pregnant (top right) and next to kitchen is a will-be-a-baby’s room.

This is squirrel’s house.
I guess for a very tall tree house, you need a very tall street lamp.(left)

A school of fish.
The funny part is a before/ after drawing of fish. (top)

Little people drawing with a regular size crayon.

A ghost’s birthday party.
I see Snoopy.

This is the funniest and weirdest drawing ever.
It says “whiskey” over and over. (You read top to bottom, right to left)
Is this a writing practice?
But it’s written on my sketchbook, not on my Japanese notebook.
My parents don’t drink, so I have no idea where this came from.

Akihabara Electric Town

Do you know Akihabara?
It’s an electronic town in Tokyo, Japan. It’s really famous for maid cafe and comic stuff, but since I was little, it was known for electronics.
So Max and I decided to look for headphones!

What do you say? They’re huge, like earmuffs. They really keep our ears warm, too.
Very comfortable and loving them!
Max-Sony MDR-2600
Ru-Sony MDR xb-700

Garden Eels!!!

Here’s a quick video of my favorite creatures from the Okinawa Aquarium. Garden eels are little, worm-like critters that burrow in sand flats. They kind of sway back and forth and resemble sea vegetation. Sometimes multiple eels burrow in the same hole making them look even more surreal. Weird.

The most inspirational dolphin

There is a dolphin who lost her tale in Churaumi Aquarium.
Her name is Fuji.
She was attacked by an unknown disease which resulted in infecting her flukes.
After a surgery, Fuji lost 75% of her flukes and couldn’t swim like before.

Depressed Fuji gained weight.
So this projected started- to create an artificial fin for Fuji!
Bridgestone Co (Tire maker) and acrylic sculpture teamed up and created several artificial fins after trial and error.

Now Fuji is used to her flukes less body and can swim like other. She uses her artificial fin to participate in the show and corporates with the research.

I met Fuji in the Dolphin Lagoon. She is very friendly and will come very close to you.

You can read a full story of Fuji here!

Churaumi Aquarium

The main event in Okinawa trip was to go to Churaumi Aquarium!

This aquarium has a gigantic acrylic window where you can view 3 Jinbei Sharks! (Whale sharks)
There is a very little information about Jinbei sharks, like how big they get, how long they live, etc.
The cutest thing was that a baby jinbei shark has a suction on top of its head.
So the baby jinbei shark is attached to the mama jinbei shark upside down.

There is a little room where you sit under the tank. So cool.
The name Jinbei shark comes from a clothing called Jinbei.

It’s a summer Kimono for men. It’s usually blue and have checkered or stripe patterns.
The whale shark looks like its wearing jinbei, hence “Jinbei Shark” .

This fish made me laugh really hard.

In front of the gigantic tank.

There was a dolphins show outside.
It’s amazing how athletic and smart they are!

This is called Octopus tree. We saw tons at the Ocean Expo Park where Churaumi Aquarium is part of.


Okinawa is one of Japan’s southern prefectures. Okinawa islands connect Taiwan and mainland Japan, and it used to be called “Ryukyu Kingdom”.
My parents, Max and I traveled to Okinawa last week.

This is a picture of the first restaurant we stopped by to eat “Soki” noodles.
We parked the car and the parking lady told us if we went to this restaurant, we’ll get 1 hour free.
From the back, it looked like a normal house but as soon as we saw the entrance, it was so beautiful!
It’s so nice when you stumble into something that makes you smile while you’re traveling.

Here is the view from Shuri Castle. You can see the town of Naha. (capital)

Inside is a museum of Ryukyu Kingdom history. Of course there is a miniature that I love.

There were tons of cool sculptures!

Shisa is a mythical creature from Okinawa that is a hybrid of a lion and a dog.
It usually comes in a pair.
The left has a closed mouth meaning it keeps the good spirits in.
The right one has an open mouth which wards off evil spirits.
Most houses had Shisas decorated on their gates.