Monthly Archives: November 2008

Baby Shower

Jodi & Kota’s baby shower was the best one ever!
Since babies can only see black & white, Jodi decided to create a mural in monochrome. (with a little bit of red and gold!)
The theme was “animals”, I know- I LOVE TO DRAW CUTE ANIMALS!
As you can see from the image, I got too excited and kept drawing. ( I should have slowed down.)

Although I kept telling myself to slow down, I couldn’t. I was having too much fun.
My friend Katie brought a DVD of Pablo Picasso drawing and it was too inspiring. All I wanted to do was to draw.
I hope to watch the DVD soon.

I met Jodi and Katie after college when we all studied at Dalvero Academy for drawings. We used to go to locations and reportage all the time. Now I feel rather stuck in commercial world and only draw cute characters. I should try to wrap up the year of 2008 with some reportage drawings. (That will be my goal!)

Thank you Jodi and Kota for having me there.
I will meet you soon, Juna Koko!

Backdrop NYC channel 25

I totally forgot to post this blog, but my film, “Forget Me Not” was on channel 25 last night.

It was on Backdrop NYC which showcase short films that are made by new yorkers.

Premiere: Wed. Nov. 5th at 9 pm

Re-run: Sun. Nov. 9th at 8:05 pm

If you’re home on Sunday, (and if you have ch 25) check it out!

I made this film in 2004-2005 as my senior thesis at Parsons School of Design. It’s a story about a girl believing her dog was coming down from heaven to eat a dog cookie. It’s based on a true story.

I miss my dog a lot, even though it’s been 6 years since he passed away. Every time I see a big yellow dog, I think about my Magu.