Monthly Archives: September 2008

Ottawa Animation Festival 2008

Another great festival at Ottawa!
There were a lot of films that I enjoyed. The highlight of the festival was I bumped into Uri & Michel Kranot and Jeremy Clapin whom I met at Krok Animation Festival in 2005. It was such a great surprise to see them and to see their new work. BRAVO. They are truly talented animator/directors.

I love going to festivals, it’s inspiring to meet animators from all over the world who have the same passion.
Now what we MUST do is to finish our film!

Forensic Lab

Finally finished the Forensic Lab that will be in our film!
The empty shelf to the side will have tons of formaldehyde like below

….? How come some pickles and gold fish are sneaking in there?

Ok, let’s get to the details

Soda can, paper & pencil, ashtray with cigarettes and a tissue box (and a mug hiden)

More formaldehyde. (Including a little pig)

Blood swab, test tubes and a computer.

Even a mouse! Is it going to get caught?

Finger print analysis.

Remaining clothing in zip lock bags.

A bulletin board of Zodiac Killer.

Everybody needs to be organized!

I bet many people are wondering how small this set is, so here is the picture of me holding a soda can.

small post it & pencil to the left and real version on the right.

These are props for a forensic scientist.



Off to Med School…?

After making skeletons for our characters, I had to move onto making some props/character/background for the scene that I get eaten by wild animals.
Thanks to my cousin, Miho and her friend, Yumi who visited me last weekend. They are nurses in a CCU and an ICU, so they really knew about human anatomy. They guided me through all necessary parts I need to make and explained to me about different colors and textures I need to use.
I took out my grandpa’s surgeon kit that he used when he was a lung surgeon. By using medical tweezers, I got really nice details.

“The key to intestine is to make it shiny.” said my cousin.

The key to a human heart is the color-it’s like salmon pink.” said my cousin.

The key to bones is that you’ll see muscles and they got lines.” said my cousin.

Then Miho and Yumi went to the Museum of Natural History and got me a medical human anatomy book for me. Now I can master how to make fun gross stuff for the next scene I need to work on, which is a …..”FORENSIC LAB.”
Can’t wait.