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Over Our Dead Bodies

After writing a post about Children’s Museum and Mary Blair, it is very strange to post skeletons of Max and I.
It’s for our upcoming film, “something left, something taken” and our characters will turn into skeletons. Very dark sense of humor but we are loving every minute of it!!!

For those who doesn’t remember/ hasn’t seen the characters.

So as you can see, skeletons are made proportionally to the characters.

Here is me working with a tweezer.

With some references of human anatomy pictures.

Little Golden Books

Who doesn’t know Little Golden Books? -Of course everybody does!
At Children’s Museum of Manhattan in upper west, there is a wonderful exhibition called “Golden Legacy: Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books” which will end tomorrow!
Hurry everybody! Go! It’s worth your time and money!

Description of the exhibition.
“View 60 masterpieces of original illustration art by legendary artists from American publishing’s best-loved and most consequential picture-book line – Little Golden Books® ! Share happy childhood memories with picture book classics like The Poky Little Puppy, Home for a Bunny and Dr. Dan.”

My favorite artist of all time is, of course Mary Blair. I was extremely captivated by her art at young age- through Tokyo Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World”, and continue to get inspired by her work.

Little Shoes

I’ve always loved the story “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” It’s a cute little story of how elves made shoes overnight for the poor shoemaker.
As I was building these shoes for our upcoming film, “Something Left, Something Taken”, I was seriously wishing that elves will finish all these by next morning.
Well, keep wishing. I had to finish them.

I put my shoes (size female 5) to the left so you can compare the size.

Now you can really see the size.

Also, we did another voice over session with Erin and Kyle last weekend.
Still revising here and there with the writing and animatic.
Erin’s been a great all-around sound designer/musician through out! THANKS!

Parsons Summer Animation Classes…!

I’ve been teaching animation classes at Parsons The New School of Design’s Pre-college department.

It’s usually once a week on Saturdays for Fall and Spring semesters but Summer is different!
First, it was “Summer Intensive Studies” for high school Juniors and Seniors from all over the world.
Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 12:00 everyday. Plus editing films and preparing. So It ended up being full time job for 4 weeks. Learned a lot from this experience, and I really enjoyed the intensity of this class. We got to do tons of field trips like watching Wall-E, visiting the Museum of Moving Image, and visiting Nick Jr Studio. Also had 2 wonderful guest speakers, clay-animator Andy Kennedy and theater actor, Tim McDonough.

Here are some students’ final projects.

By Denise Rivas

By Lizzie Marks

By Jasper Johnson and Arvind Menon

By Olivia Pellicer

Then after 1 week of “vacation,” I had to teach Summer Academy for middle school students for 2 weeks. Here are some students final projects.

By Arielle Friedman, Maddie Kasemichael & Ali Soong

By Zac Mau & Will Tavlin

Great job students! Now I have 1.5 months off until the Fall semester to concentrate on my “real job”!!

If you want to check out more animations from the summer course and also from the previous Fall and Spring semester, check out Parsons Animation account on Youtube!

Child Abuse Prevention Booklet

We just finished illustrating/designing a 12 page booklet for Child Abuse Prevention Services.
The audience is 2nd and 3rd graders, so we tried to make the book as fun as possible while still being informative.

Bella the Bunny and Fargo the Fox will teach kids “what is ok” and “what’s not” in their daily lives.
You can check more illustrations here