Monthly Archives: June 2008


These are bushes for our film, “Something left, something taken”.
I made a lot of trees a few weeks ago, and I also had to make a lot of bushes that will surround the trees.
Thank you to my mom who helped me sew bushes.
I came home after 5 hours and 2/3 of the bushes were done. What a trooper she is.

***most of the bushes aren’t stuffed yet since my suitcase is limited. If I had Marry Poppin’s bag, I would have stuffed all of them already.

Tiny Inventions Stamp

I am on a vacation now so I figured I should use this time wisely and play around with things I wanted to do for the past few months.
So I made a stamp for tiny inventions.
When I went to a huge art supply store, this special eraser stamp caught my eyes.
“You can carve with a toothpick”
How interesting. You really can carve with a toothpick but it’s also pretty solid.

More fun crafting to come…

Japan Day @ Central park

Today was Japan Day at Central park!!
We went there at 11:30 and ate all types of food they were giving out. Mabo-tofu, curry, udon, gyoza, gyu-don, and bento box! YUMMY!

Max also carried Omikoshi, a little shrine with a man on the top.

It reminded me summer festivals in Japan. We played with water yoyo, watched robots fight, and some traditional and modern Japanese music on the main stage. What a fun afternoon.
The video is towards end of the parade, before they put down the shrine.