Monthly Archives: May 2008

Tree Therapy

Our new animation takes place in a forest outside of San Francisco and we need A LOT of trees for our sets. For the past week, Ru has been taking breaks from our commercial works by obsessively sewing trees. It must be a therapeutic activity for her, because she seems revitalized after she is done. Naturally, I thought that if I tried sewing trees, it might be a great stress release for me as well. Hmmmmm. Not really.

Ru with 88 hand sewn trees. We’ll stop at 100.

Sound Off

Just wanted to extend a big thanks to everyone who helped out with voices for our new short, “Something left, Something taken.” The multi-talented Erin Kilkenny lended her supernatural skills as our engineer, mix master, music composer, sound designer and all-around critical eye/ear. Kyle McKeveny’s smooth baritone voice acting breathed life into Arty, a mysterious (read: homicidal) airport chauffer. Sara Mayles’s sweet and unassuming preformance as Leslie was most excellent. And finally, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Erin’s cat Olive (a.k.a Chugger) has secured the role of Wild Animal #2. Congratulations!

Inside the car

This is one of the main prop for the film we’re working on, “something left, something taken”.
I asked my friend, Pinochle the pig and Paw the elephant, to pose in the car for me.

Look at the back of the front seat, I even made a pocket. I think I’ll put a road map soon.

What is the driver possibly going to do with this stuff….!?

Lunafest: Siena College in Albany, NY

Another Lunafest! This time at The Bowman Center for Women at Siena College and hosted by The Women’s Alliance of Merrill Lynch.

This is my 5th luna event to attend, so of course I watched the same 9 films for 5 times. But all the films are so wonderful, I never get bored, in fact I get sucked in to their worlds every time. Also every audience gives different reaction and energy so that makes the screening different each time.
This crowd was energetic!

Again, I got inspired by what everybody is doing to help each other and trying to educate people around.

Thank you Shannon for inviting me up there.

Oh, another great thing. I won the raffle. WNYU News anchor Elaine Houston picked my number, 755!

It was a gift certificate for a spa in Albany.

On the way back to NYC was lovely since it was the national train day.
There were some volunteers explaining the history of the area along the way. It was so nice.
I just kept staring outside the window and enjoy the view of Hudson River.

BBG Sakura Matsuri

What I miss about Japan is food and cherry blossoms. In late March to April, Japan is pink. You look up and it’s pink, you look down and it’s pink,and you look around and everybody’s happy. (Except for those who have terrible allergies)
Luckily at Brooklyn Botanical Garden, they have a very huge cherry blossom festival, aka Sakura Matsuri, every year.
The whole event reflects what New York is all about- mixture of culture. Seeing Americans wearing Kimono, dancing to traditional music and teenagers dressed up as anime characters were very strange.