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In Progress…

Here are some characters that will be photographed soon and then all parts will be composited on the computer.

Those characters will be composited in this computer.
No, I’m just joking.

I wonder if there’s an intruder, I can use these guns to scare him.
Maybe in the dark?

Cute little airplane. This is how the film will start-.

Ketchup and mustard will be animated in clay.

More work to come soon.

A car and Leslie’s living room

Our short film is going a bit slow but well. The title is called “Something left, something taken” which is a famous quote by crime scene investigators.
No matter what, there is always a clue to the crime scene.
Here’s the short description of our film.
Folk craft meets forensic science in this true story of a trip to San Francisco.

It’s been a lot of fun to craft miniature objects, it’s like crafted Second Life.
I’ll post more pictures later tonight-.

Lunafest in Richmond VA

March 16 is another Lunafest event. This time in Richmond VA!
Hosted by Stroller Strides Richmond and LUNA Moms Club
Location is Richmond Marriott West (4240 Dominion Boulevard Glen Allen, VA)
Reception starts at 6pm, and the screening starts at 7:30pm.
You can RSVP by

The organizer, Ms.Rachel Pustilnik scheduled me a TV interview for “Virginia This Morning” on Wed morning.
You can click on the video clip that says “Lunafest” to watch how the interview went.
*** On the top left corner of the website, you can view the video clip, next to that is a menu bar. There are more new videos added on top so you have to scroll down the menu bar to find “Lunafest” in order to view the video now.

What a great experience. Watching the video makes my face turn red and made me realize that I am really monotone, but besides that, what a great experience!
I also had a magazine interview in the afternoon which was also a lot of fun.

In between all these great interviews, Rachel took me to a community center in Richmond which blew my mind! Pre-K, pool, huge gym, classes, etc, everything was there!
I got to peak into some pre-k classes and saw many cute little kids, then met some moms from Rachel’s .

On Tues night, there was a flight problem and Rachel was so generous to drive 1 hour and 40min to come get me to Norfolk Richmond.
She is a wonderful mom and a successful business women who likes to give all her energy and care to the community. Good luck with the event on Sunday!
Lunafest has given me many opportunities to meet many groups of people that I usually do not encounter. I’m so thankful!

Lotte From Gadgetville

“Lotte from Gadgetville”by Joonis Film (Estonia/Latvia), directed by Janno Poldma and Heiki Ernits.
Gadgetville a town that is crazy about inventing domestic gadgets. (i.e. washing machine, electricity, radio, vegetable cutting machine, etc)
Lotte is a high spirited girl-dog who meets Susumu, a Japanese bee who introduces the entire Gadgetville to Judo.
Every single person in Gadgetville becomes obsessed with Judo! When Lotte and her awesome inventor father, Oskar try to help Susumu get back to Japan, Lotte and her friends decide to participate in the International Judo competition in Japan.

“Gadgetville” was premiered in NY last week at New York International Children’s Film Festival.
This animated feature film brought a huge hit in Estonia, more than any Pixar movies!
I love love love this film. It’s very character driven, and filled with fun little details all over the film. You just can’t stop giggling.
Here is the trailer.

Max and I were extremely fortunate to meet one of the directors, Mr.Janno Poldma.
Max emailed Mr. Janno since he wanted to purchase some of his films. He told us he’ll be at the NY international film festival so we decided to meet up.
Mr. Janno even gave us Lotte DVD! (We actually missed the screening since the tickets were sold out)
Mr. Janno talked a lot about his dachshund dog, Oskar (who is Lotte’s father in the film) and his love for Japan and Judo (which also shows up in the film).
I thought his personality, sense of humor and passion for Japan were all reflected in Lotte film.

I also love love love his other short film, Concert for a Carrot Pie which is about a lady who loves to clean.
I love cleaning and Max banned me from cleaning for a couple days.

Thank you Mr.Janno for a wonderful time and good luck with the new film.

My Sketch Book 07

I have this small sketch book to draw in the subway. I realized I finished one so I decided to post some of the selected drawings that I thought are funny.
1. You always see some girls playing with nails, right? I do that sometimes.
2. New Yorkers are tired.
3. people always carrying huge bags.

4. afternoon nap, probably.
5. At Bedford stop, there’s always very fashionable boys and girls.
6. This girl had a very unique way of standing.

7. He kept talking and she wasn’t listening at all.
8. This is actually not inside the subway but outside.
9. He was reading the Metro- absolutely free paper!

@ chili fiesta back in the summer.

10. Friend’s band.
11. Max Porter.

I also decided to post some drawings from last month.
I had two great teachers, Ronnieand Margaret at Parsons. They taught me all about drawings and it’s unbelievable how much I got to draw with them. They have a school together for summer session, winter session and weekend classes.
I took several weekend courses after graduating and also went to the awesome summer session which is at Disney World.
Drawing people all day at different parks was the best time of my life.
So they got this huge studio space in Brooklyn near Pratt Institute last month and they had an open drawing session-that’s where I did these drawings.
They say “change!” out loud about every 1-5 min which forced me to learn how to draw fast and get the emotions and marks down on the paper. Thanks to them, I can draw quite fast these days.

It was great to see some friends and catch up-.
Especially Jodie and Katie.

The Wee Free Men

I just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s”The Wee Free Men”.
Since my friend Kati introduced me The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende, I’ve been deeply living in the fantasy adventure book world.
These little men (aka fairies) loves to drink, steal and fight. It’s funny how Mr. Pratchett introduced this type of creature in a teens book.
The next book I’m going to read is “Bumping Into Mr.Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik.

There’s an Italian deli across the street from our apartment. I always saw so many people buying boxes of frozen ravioli and thought we’d try one day.
The picture is the box. It’s only $4 and there are 16 huge raviolis inside.
They are delicious. Like really delicious.