Monthly Archives: February 2008

Lazy Pandas

Do you see 5 lazy pandas?
I made them about 2 years ago for Chris Timmons, who is very lazy and also loves pandas.
He used to animate right next to me for a few weeks and now he has his own office at Nick Jr.

This is how he looks like.

Sally’s new black cat

Sally has been helping us develop some of our ideas for the past few months. Since Valentines day is close, I figured I should make something to thank her. So there it is, a black cat who can sit next to Sally at work. Hope her real cats won’t eat this little black cat.

Valeria’s new friend, Calvin the Octopus

Our good friend Valeria chopped off part of her thumb while crafting for her boyfriend Andy.
For those who have accidentally cut off part of your thumb, you know how it hurts. It’s amazing how just by losing a piece of your body, the pain that comes out of it is torturing.
Whenever she catches her thumb on a jacket or somebody brushes their body against her thumb, she screamed and jumped up.
So I figured, if she had a thumb puppet, not only she’ll look cuter but she will have a bit of cushion.
Then I thought, if this thumb puppet is her favorite animal (which is octopus), not only it’ll make her happy but she’ll also gain a friend who will watch over her injured thumb.

The bottom line is that I made this Calvin the Octopus, Valeria’s new friend.