Monthly Archives: December 2007

Nostalgia Train

The Nostalgia train, aka Holiday train is running on the V train on NYC MTA transit every Sunday in December.
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to ride in the vintage subway from the 20s to the 70s.
These old beautiful trainsare absolutely beautiful and they are quite rocky.
Even the advertisements in the trains are from the time era and it’s filled with amazing artworks. Some old men were actually getting nostalgic and started to talk about their old days.
Thanks Valeria and Andy for inviting us. What an event!

Mom 55

Happy Birthday MOM!
Her comment when she received this card was, “Wow. The Daikon looks delicious.”

My film, Daikon Ashi is in Luna film festival which is traveling across the country. I’m going to SF again in Jan and VA in end of March! I am excited to show off my white radish legs.
My mom seems quite excited, too. She calls it “Daikon power.” The type of power you really don’t want to have but I should be thankful.

Ma-chan, Happy Wedding!

Ma-chan was my best friend in 5th grade. She was one of the tallest and of course I was one of the smallest. Despite of our height difference, we got along so well and played after school almost everyday.
Today is her wedding which I cannot attend but my heart is there with everybody. When my childhood friends visited me last month, we made a little animation together to show at Ma-chan’s wedding. I hope she’ll enjoy.