Monthly Archives: November 2007

tiny website updated

We decided to update our website just a little bit. Not much difference, but added a few things that were missing from the previous one.

I also found something very cute at a Japanese book store.

All these characters are a combination of a furniture piece and a dog.
It’s called Wan-room, a pun intended name. “Wan” is how Japanese dogs bark. In English, it’s equivalent to “woof.”
So it means “one room ” / “dog room” . Funny, right?

tiny intro

We realized that the last time we animated on paper was when we were in college. Since we started working professionally, all animations are done digitally that when we saw an internet video footage of Glen Keane animating, we got very inspired!
So here’s the little tiny inventions reel intro that we decided to animate on paper with pencil and color pencils. We’ll have the 2008 reel up soon.
I think that if we animated this digitally, it would have taken half the time, but it looks so much better on paper!


Mrs. Porter has two doggies. While Mrs. Porter is away, her two dogs have important responsibilities in the house.
One is called “Murray” who is also known as “Leaf Hunter.”
Murray thinks that little aliens use leaves as their ships to land on the Porter family’s territory. He is the protector, who waits patiently for the leaves to fall, then immediately attacks with his speed. It’s his duty to protect the family, especially Mrs. Porter.

Another one is called “Rudy” who is also known as “Cleaner.”
He has the strongest sense of smell and can detect any edible objects in the house. Mrs. Porter never has to pick up any crumbs or left over, because by the time she realizes she had drop some food, Rudy had already cleaned. Rudy even cleans Murray’s dish that doggie dishes don’t need to be cleaned ever.

So by the time Mrs. Porter comes home, the house is being protected and cleaned. Though, she misses her Rudy and Murray that Max and I decided to make her mini Rudy and mini Murray so while she is away, she still feels very close to them.

Nerve’s Position of the Day

Ru and I just finished an order of 15 web episode for with writer/ep Irad Eyal. Based on Nerve’s Position of the Day, each 1 minute slide-show is an unpredictable depiction of a Kama Sutra-like sexual position. The above position is dubbed “The Accordian” for obvious reasons. Due to explicit nature of the content, I don’t think they qualify as “tiny work for tiny people,” but I thought folks would be interested nonetheless. The series is scheduled to debut tomorrow.

Workshop and Playing

Tiny Inventions went to Rochester on Wed and Thurs to do an animation workshop at Monroe Community College for a wonderful animation show that was organized by Kathy Farrell and Dave Cowles.

We did a quick overview of animation history and various animation techniques from 2D drawing, cutout, clay, object, rotoscope to pixilation. Our talk and showing different animated films lasted about an hour and a half, and in the last 30min, we created a short pixilation with volunteered students. Thanks for participating!

The best experience we had at Rochester was the Strong Museum of Play.
Check out the website, it’s basically a huge playground with all the “pretend” sets build within.
There was a huge set from Sesame Street! We flipped out!

In the “play” room, there were experimental sets and musical instruments that you could understand science, music, and art. In the picture above, I am in the “tilting” room where the floor is in extremely angel but the rest seems fine, so my body was dizzy and couldn’t comprehend how to maintain the balance.

There were various “pretend” sets of airplane cockpit, pirate ship, huge doll house, theater with a dressing room and a light control seat, post office, tv station, radio station, car factory, and a huge super market where you can actually scan various items and get a receipt from the cashier.

It really was my childhood dream come true. I was running around, trying everything.
There was even a very cute and new park near by that had a tunnel slide.

Oh dear, I hadn’t played this much in a while. I had SO MUCH FUN!