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Pig & Elephant – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
We decided to become our own characters! For those who know what we’ve been working on, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? For those who don’t know what we’ve been working on, this little pig and this little (?) elephant are two characters from a show that we’ve been developing. It’s our little promotion for tiny inventions.
Considering that we only had an hour and a half to make these costumes, I think we did pretty well.
Of course there are a few things we need to touch up for Wed. Like I need to get white, gray or light blue stockings for Max since his hairy legs take “cuteness” away from the costume.

Thank you Erin and Kyle for a fun party!

A family of Micky Mouse

The biggest nightmare in my apartment started on Oct 17 (wed).
Max saw a silhouette of a small creature under our couch. He screamed and I automatically thought it’s a ghost.
Apparently it was a mouse. We tried corning this tiny mouse but since mice and rats are what Max fears the most, we failed catching it. Many people said, “welcome to NY” though I hadn’t seen any for the past 5 years.
Oct 18 (thurs)
Next morning, we saw some poops all over the kitchen. At this point, my anger has reached the peak. How dare anybody will poop in my kitchen that I clean everyday!
I quickly went out to purchased 4 different mouse traps. 2 big snappers, 2 little snappers, 4 sticky glue plates, 2 boxes with sticky glue inside.
Oct 19 (fri)
HOOORAY! One little gray mouse got caught in the sticky glue plate. It was squeaking, pleading for help. Well, if you’re an animal lover, maybe you shouldn’t read any further.
I won’t write what happened after, but I must admit I was happy.
Also we figured where this little one came out so we set up a lot of traps around the oven.
Oct 20 (sat)
Yes yes yes! In the morning, another one was caught in the sticky glue trap under the oven!
I won’t write what happened after but I was again happy …but at the same time I started to wonder how many are there? I actually thought there’s only one but there’s the second one squeaking in front of me.
Of course we purchased more sticky glue traps since they worked the best. The snappers aren’t sensitive enough, or if these mice figure out how to eat peanut butter from the trap without getting themselves trapped, they weren’t working!
Oct 21 (sat)
We were out.
Oct 22 (sun)
When we came home in the afternoon, all the glue traps I lined up are all over the kitchen.
It’s either these nasty mice got caught and got out after struggling, or they are getting smarter and just pushed them aside?! So I taped the glue plates down to the floor.
Oct 23 (mon)
Another disappointing morning. All the peanut butter I set up on the traps are gone yet none of the mice are caught.
I went out and purchased some steal wool, and tin foil and searched the entire kitchen for some signs of a small hall. Around the oven were many holes and gaps, no wonder…..So I stuffed the holes and put tons of glue traps around the oven. I even set up two snapper traps with glue traps surrounding them.
Oct 24 (tues)
Starting to wonder if these mice are getting smarter and smarter, or I purchased traps that aren’t sensitive enough for little mice? Peanut butter is gone, of course. Yet no traps moved at all.
So I sent up another type of traps. I put a little chunk of peanut butter in a bottle cap, placed in the middle of the sticky glue plate. Then surrounded that with 8 sticky glue plates. Ha! Of course it’ll get caught. I also set up another bottle cap with some peanut butter and placed inside the box with sticky glue.
Plus, found more holes and stuffed them with steal wool and tin foils.
Oct 25 (wed)
WHY? Another day of no mice on the trap yet all the peanut butter’s gone.
Even part of steal wool was on the kitchen floor. I guess I didn’t stuff hard enough that this mouse (or mice) was able to push it through!
I’m assuming this last mouse is either the dad or mom of the two mice I killed a few days ago, and this one is smart.
I also think that the sticky glue traps aren’t as sticky anymore. It is about time to purchase new sticky glue traps. Hopefully….I will win the battle!!!!!

The Butt Biting Bug

“Oshiri Kajiri Mushi”(The Butt biting Bug) is a 2.5 min short animation created by Urumaderubi, a couple who created many characters for Japanese educational programs.
There’s an interstitial called “Minnna No Uta” (Everybody’s songs) which introduce children’s songs that are animated by different artists. The contract is usually 2months, and “The Butt Biting Bug” was on air in June to July. However with strange characters, catchy song and funny concept, people loved it! A huge fan support started with little kids, but now many teenagers are loving it. Downloading songs into their cellphones, and buying CDs. Even young mothers and highschool girls are loving it! The cellphone ring tone download has reached 1,1000. So after this phenomenon, the network decided to extend the contract and the song will be on TV until January.

The concept is that this “fairy” or a “bug” who bites everybody’s butts and bring smiles. (according to Wikipedia. Towards the end, the butt biting bug collapse in the middle of the traffic saying “city people’s butts are bitter~.” I wonder if my butt is bitter after living in NYC for 6 years. Not yet? I’d rather want the butt biting bug to bite me than mosquitoes giving me 11 bites last night.

John and Karen

John and Karen

Directed by Matthew Walker from UK, this 3 minutes animation “John and Karen” was one of my favorite animated films at Ottawa Animation Festival. It won an award and it deserves it!
The animation is simple but the little details really tell the story about the relationship of these 2.
This penguin reminds me of…myself, and the polar bear acts just like Max. I’m assuming Karen said pretty terrible things to John even though John is apologizing. Funny.

LUNAFEST 2007-2008

LUNAFEST was established in 2000 by LUNA, the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, to simultaneously promote women filmmakers, raise awareness for women’s issues, and support worthy women’s nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. (-from Lunafest website)

Oct 4th, I took an early flight to flight from NYC to SF. Since I only had 24 hours in SF, my schedule was packed with the festival and visiting my friends. Since most of my close girlfriends from high school moved to SF, it was the perfect place to have a mini-reunion.
Starting at 5pm, at the Herbst Theater in front of the city hall, we had a rehearsal, photographing session, reception, and meeting everybody who organized the festival. Most animation festivals I attended before felt like gatherings for animators, but this film festival was different. Many Clifbar workers, The Breast Cancer Fund organizers, local people and MANY WOMEN! In the lobby there was an activity and posters for the awareness of breast cancer. Healthy eating, cosmetic, cleansing products. Are we all aware of what we are using in our daily lives? What a wonderful event to support women and have an opportunity to discuss the choices we have.

Sophie Ohara was another director who was invited to the festival. She made a sweet and touching film called “pockets.” We shared nervousness before the Q&A sessions on the stage. (picture1: Ru, Sophie, Leslie, my high school buddy) “There’s a reason why I’m an animator. I like to stay in my studio and not leave.” was the line I used the most that night. Although I was so nervous I don’t really remember what I spoke on the stage, I am glad I got to share my thoughts and film at such a wonderful event. Plus, Diane Dwyer, a newscaster from NBC was interviewing us so things went a lot smoother than just myself talking for 3 min.

Thank you for coming to the premier of lunafest, Leslie, Jesse, Tara, and Mai.

Thank you so much Brooke and Cait for having me at the festival.

Ottawa Animation Festival

From Left: Lizzie, Erin, Johanne, Ru, Pig, Mike (and Sara absent from photo but present in Mike’s heart.)

From Sept 20th to 23rd, we were up in Ottawa, Canada for the biggest animation festival in North America. After Mike and I finished our accounting class, we headed up to Ottawa for a really long 10 hours drive. Note: Thanks for driving Max and Mike!
Whoa, we had a wonderful time up there. Watched amazing films from early in the morning until late at night. Meeting animators from all over the world to share some good air.

My highlight of the event was to see Johanne Ste-Marie whom I met at Krok Animation Festival in 2004. Since my stay was short and we couldn’t miss any great animations, there was only little time to catch up but still it was nice to see her again and drinks some good old vodka like we did in Russia. Hopefully I’ll see more Kroker faces in the near future.<br>

My favorite animation was “Persepolis”.

An autobiographical feature length movie about a girl who grew up in Tehran and Vienna during the reign of the Shah and later to be ruled by religious regime. Such a sensitive topic yet it was told in a humorous and educational way.

Also meeting with Kazue Monno and Takeshi Nagata, directors ofPika Pika and animate a few frames with their flashlight at a bar was FUN!

It’s been awhile since I went to an animation festival so it was extremely inspiring and the whole experience re-taught me to keep doing my own art, and always make time to create independent films. I’m off for another festival in SF in 2 days! Another animation festival post to come.

Chile Pepper Fiesta

At Brooklyn Botanical Garden, there was a great event called “Chile Pepper FIESTA”! I even get a temporary tattoo on my hand. Basically there were tons of food and live performance on the main stage from noon to 6pm. Max and I ended up eating the entire time we were there. Tandoori chicken and herb rice, beef hot dog, Brooklyn chili, wheat bun, and some drinks. Yum!
We came to BBG last year since they had an exhibition of the smelliest flower on this planet called corpse flower. It’s very gigantic about 9ft tall and the smell is somewhat like a dead rat. Last August, this 10 year old specimen nicknamed “baby” (it’s hard to call it “baby” when it’s so huge and smelly.) bloomed for the first time. Just out of curiosity, we went. The smell was pretty bad I ran it and ran out. Though one thing I found that made me laugh for a long time was that, somebody (perhaps a scientist or a researcher) cut out about 4 x 4 square on one of the leaves and pasted back on with some scotch tape. Why didn’t they use a glue? At least it’ll look better than pieces of scotch tapes. Perhaps they wanted to open and research inside again!?