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Baltimore City Paper

Baltimore City Paper wrote a really touching article about our work displayed at Sondheim Semi-Finalist exhibition.
The whole article can be read HERE .

Excerpt- written by Baynard Wood

Tiny Inventions (the name of a collaboration between Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter) offer a couple different mixed-media animations that are featured in the actual miniature bakery and the characters that people ‘Between Times,’ their video based on the temporal ruminations of Alan Lightman’s book “Einstein’s Dream.” The short trailer, coming in at just over a minute, is gorgeous, as each of the characters who enter the bakery has a different sense of time. It shows, as all art in some way should, the wonder that we all exist on the same plane at all, causing the viewer to marvel at her own consciousness. And yet, the figures and sets that populate these stop-motion films are also cloyingly cute. They are somehow reminiscent of early HBO shows such as “Fraggle Rock” and recent offerings such as “Hugo,” while being wholly original. Another film, ‘Something Left, Something Taken,’ uses similar figures to create a moment of true menace.

Warner on Demand

“Something Left, Something Taken” Japanese subtitle version is released via Warner on Demand.
Sadly you cannot access to this website unless you’re in Japan.
*screenshot of the website by my parents.They were delighted to discover what “screenshot” means.
The process of getting the images included “woooow” “ohhhhhhh” “ahhhhhh”.

This also comes with a Japanese version of “making of”.

Palo Alto Int Film Festival —Best Animation

We are very happy to announce that we received the best animated short award from Palo Alto International Film Festival !
Receiving an award from the Bay Area means a lot since the film is about Northern California.

Unrelated to the festival but an interesting incident that happened early this year.
Max and I went to Parsons as guest lecturers. One of the students, a very charismatic and pretty girl name Ciara Hughes came up to me and said “I was Darlene in the movie, Zodiac.”
Darlene is the girl who gets shot with her boyfriend, Michael, by the Zodiac Killer in their car.
It’s the opening shot for the Zodiac movie directed by David Fincher.

It’s the black-and-white scene in our movie. A couple is making out and they are shot by the Zodiac Killer.

So what I found out after a few minuets of Ciara explaining is that she played the role of Darlene in David Fincher movie. What a strange and amazing coincidence! She also happened to be quite an artist.
The world is so small and there are so many bizarre connections.

cortoLovere -Best animation shortfilm: golden italian bleak

We’re very excited to receive the golden Italian bleak from cortoLovere 2011!
Thank you so much to cortoLovere!

“Something Left, Something Taken” has entered its 2nd year of festival circulation.
We haven’t been able to attend any film festival since Annecy (France) in June due to focusing on our new short film. But in 2 weeks, we’ll be attending Abu Dhabi Film Festival in UAE.

As for our new film, it has taken many turns and I supposed it will still change a whole lot until it’s completed. But we have finally moved on from storyboard stage into animatic. We’ll be post some concept art soon on the blog.