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Puppets that auditioned for “Between Times”

Usually, there are handful of puppets who auditioned and didn’t make it in the film.
These two are inspired by our friends from the residency in the Netherlands. We were originally thinking of fabric made puppets. Eventually we went with CG characters w/ clay texture.
Still like the design & texture a lot. Maybe one day they’ll show up in something. Until then, they’ll be hanging on the wall.

There are two more puppets that got eliminated…I need to find them.

Sound Mix with Studio Unknown

We had an extremely fun sound mix session yesterday at Studio Unknown in Catonsville.
Experiencing 5.1 is so physical, emotional and immersive… It’s so hard to go back to stereo now. Thank you Kevin for offering your talent and Jaime for coordinating!
We’re off to checking out the film in a big auditorium later today :)

Thoughts as we wrap our film…

Is there ever a moment that you feel like you are “finished” with your film?
It’s been a lot of minor fixes and re-renders.
I call this stage “pixel fucking”.

Then it will go off to sound mix. I guess after this, we’ll have a master file which will be technically “done”. But then, the promotion and festival circulation (hopefully) starts. It never really “ends”.
So when to celebrate? When is it that you can feel this great wave of accomplishment?
Perhaps at a film festival? Or shall we have a small private screening like we did in “Something Left, Something Taken”?

At the same time, I am already anxious to start new projects. (Yes, this sounds crazy and I am aware of it). There’s already a first pass of storyboard up on the board in the studio wall for our new short. Whenever I look at it, I just want to work on it. (So I have been avoiding to look up)
I’m starting a new comic series with a friend I met in Denmark. (Yes, I still have to work on the blog post about what I did in Denmark for 2 weeks last month)
Lots to do, so little time, super tired and super excited all in one body/mind :)

Between Times Trailer

“Between Times trailer” is up!
Phew, it’s been a long journey that it’s hard to believe that we’re finally here.

Are we done with the film? ——Not yet. We have 2 more weeks of minor fixes and we’ll be off to sound mix. It’s the last 1% of the production. Almost…almost…

Snowing Outside, Super Hot Inside

This is what was happening at 3:30am last night. Bram is here to work with us in Baltimore!
We’re about to watch our first rough cut together. All the elements (picture, sound, music, vo) are IN!
What a long journey it was to get to this point. There’s lots of snow outside and another set of snow is falling on the ground. But inside this apartment is super hot with passion & intensity.
We still have the next few weeks to finalize the edit, fix some shots, color correction, sound mix…etc etc the list goes on, but it really is the final stage of the production! One last push…!