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Baltimore City Paper

Baltimore City Paper wrote a really touching article about our work displayed at Sondheim Semi-Finalist exhibition.
The whole article can be read HERE .

Excerpt- written by Baynard Wood

Tiny Inventions (the name of a collaboration between Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter) offer a couple different mixed-media animations that are featured in the actual miniature bakery and the characters that people ‘Between Times,’ their video based on the temporal ruminations of Alan Lightman’s book “Einstein’s Dream.” The short trailer, coming in at just over a minute, is gorgeous, as each of the characters who enter the bakery has a different sense of time. It shows, as all art in some way should, the wonder that we all exist on the same plane at all, causing the viewer to marvel at her own consciousness. And yet, the figures and sets that populate these stop-motion films are also cloyingly cute. They are somehow reminiscent of early HBO shows such as “Fraggle Rock” and recent offerings such as “Hugo,” while being wholly original. Another film, ‘Something Left, Something Taken,’ uses similar figures to create a moment of true menace.

Puppets that auditioned for “Between Times”

Usually, there are handful of puppets who auditioned and didn’t make it in the film.
These two are inspired by our friends from the residency in the Netherlands. We were originally thinking of fabric made puppets. Eventually we went with CG characters w/ clay texture.
Still like the design & texture a lot. Maybe one day they’ll show up in something. Until then, they’ll be hanging on the wall.

There are two more puppets that got eliminated…I need to find them.

Sound Mix with Studio Unknown

We had an extremely fun sound mix session yesterday at Studio Unknown in Catonsville.
Experiencing 5.1 is so physical, emotional and immersive… It’s so hard to go back to stereo now. Thank you Kevin for offering your talent and Jaime for coordinating!
We’re off to checking out the film in a big auditorium later today :)