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Double Awards @ ASIAGRAPH 2015

Very happy to announce this news from ASIAGRAPH 2015!
“Between Times” received the Best Work award.
“Perfect Houseguest” received the excellent award.

The exhibition had already passed but it was from Oct 22 (thurs) until 25 (sun) at the national museum of Emerging Science & Innovation Organizers in Tokyo, Japan.
The award ceremony and network session will be held on Nov 22 (sun) at Bunkyo College, Hongo campus from 19:00~ 20:30.
Details can be found here.

Savannah Film Festival

photo by Marisa Ginger Tontaveetong

We attended Savannah Film Festival in Georgia USA for 2 days!
I can say that they treat filmmakers really well, with 3 meals & reception party every day.
The audience had a good energy with lots of students from Savannah College of Art & Design.
We also had a quick tour at SCAD’s animation department which blew our minds with their resources and equipments.

As I am unpacking my suitcase from Savannah, I started packing another bag to head up to NYC tomorrow. Oct/Nov is passing by so quick.

November Film Festivals BETWEEN TIMES

Here’s the upcoming festival list for “Between Times” in November.


ANIMAX Skopje, Macedonia
Nov 5 ~ 9

SF Indiefest presents Another Hole in the Head , San Francisco CA USA
Nov 6 ~ 16

Short Block 3
New People CinemaSat, Nov 7 5:00 PM
Fairhope Film Festival, USA
Nov 12 ~ 15

Animated Short
Nov 14 Saturday 1:00~2:00