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Failed Embroidery

I spent 3 days embroidering a wall paper for the set. After 70% was done, I had this gut feeling that it wasn’t working. By propping up and putting some furniture and characters in front, I realized that the pattern was overwhelming and the design did not work as a whole… So I spent another 1 day getting rid of the pattern.
Oh art making…..

2009 ~ 2015 Crafting with Will

Will Krause was here…as always! Wherever we move, Will comes to hang out with us to craft together. He’s an amazing prop maker and can make literally…anything.
In 2009, we were in Brooklyn building props for an airport that appears in “Something Left, Something Taken”

In 2010, we were still in Brooklyn, still making “Something Left, Something Taken”. This time, one of the largest sets, the San Francisco street view.

In 2012, in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Will made some bicycles for “Between Times” village scene.

In 2015 December… Will came to Baltimore to make sets and props for “Negative Space.

How special to have a friend to build and craft together wherever we go…

JANUARY Film Festivals – Perfect Houseguest

Here is the list of all the festivals we’re in.


32nd Annual KidFilm Festival curated byUSA Film Festival, Texas USA Jabuary 23 ~ 24

Program can be seen HERE
Angelika Film Center Dallas
23th January (Saturday) 4:30 : Animated Aventures

Children’s Film Festival Seattle, USA . January 21 ~ 31

Northwest Film Forum
23th January (Saturday) 11:00

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy 2016! May this year bring creativity and awesome projects :)
I just returned from Japan and battling the jet lag monster…however we have a test animation shooting coming up so lots to do.
I will post some of the pictures from Japan soon but for now….the first picture of the year, MINIATURE TOYS!